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Now Available in Cinemas & VOD

This weekend, Acidman came out in theaters and on VOD.


Written and directed by Alex Lehmann, the film follows a young woman by the name of Maggie (played by Dianna Agron) who travels cross country to check on her estranged father, Lloyd (played by Thomas Haden Church). To her surprise, when she arrives, she learns that many locals view him as a lunatic and have even given him a nickname implying that he’s on drugs: Acidman. And it doesn’t help that he spends most of his time searching for UFOs. While she is at first reluctant to entertain her dad’s new hobby, Maggie eventually begins to join him on his searches. Rather than find any UFOs, however, they rediscover the problems in their relationship that forced them to part ways in the first place.


In addition to reviewing the film for Cinefied, our very own Dempsey Pillot also got the chance to speak with director Alex Lehmann.


You can listen to the full interview down below!

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