Connor Petrey

FEBRUARY. 14. 2022.



APEX is NOW Available on DVD and Blu-ray!


Any straight to video release starring the once favorable action star Bruce Willis should be watched at every individual's own risk because let's just say it normally isn’t pretty. However, going into Apex my hopes were at an all time low because of Willis’ attachment – yet somehow I actually enjoyed my time with this sci-fi action film. 


Let’s just start off by saying that if you are here for Bruce Willis – don’t be. Willis as per usual is in the film for a paycheck and seems to be delivering his lines with literally no energy. Luckily the actors around him were at the very least trying to produce an entertaining product – they didn’t 100% succeed but you can certainly see the effort. 


As a sci-fi film there is a decent amount of CGI but these CGI moments are far and in between some decent practical effects work. It was more so the sloppy direction when action scenes were taking place that truly detoured me from the film – well also the decision to make the plot completely turn against itself less than half way through. 


Truthfully Neal McDonough steals the show and it’s a shame that he’s been typecast into these low budget films as a villainous character – his last big screen appearance with a budget behind it was back in 2015’s Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 which is to say he hasn’t gotten his groove back. 


The story revolves around a group of rich people (possibly all CEOs) that decide to invest every few months in a hunting game against criminal prey. Looking for a bolder competitor, the film chooses Bruce Willis’ Thomas Malone who is hyped up to be a threat bigger than no other – even highlighting moments in Willis’ career such as when his character in Unbreakable was a sole survivor of a train wreck. It’s unfortunate that in typical Bruce Willis action film fashion we don’t get to see even an instance of the character being a “badass”. 


Nonetheless drop the entire idea of Willis being a threat and instead realize that every hunter is going against the other. Willis’ Malone is hardly a factor. It’s almost like there was a re-write of sorts when Willis himself in the film suggests that there is no rule against hunter killing hunter. There is truly no other reason for the hunters to turn on themselves, it really makes no sense to be honest. 


Even so, a game of hunting one another down on an isolated island can be some fun. At an hour and 32 minutes I was fully expecting to turn it off a few minutes in but once it got into the thrills – I just couldn’t look away. It’s not a particularly good movie but it's good for a laugh as well as some low budget kills. It’s currently streaming on AMC+ which is the way I recommend watching it however if you’re in it for the special features or are a Bruce Willis completist (good luck with that) then you can pick up your DVD/Blu-ray TODAY

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