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BARRY (2023)

Final Season [2-Episode Premiere]

Aired On: HBO

Release Date: 04/16/23
Action. Comedy. Crime.

"A hit man from the Midwest moves to Los Angeles and gets caught up in the city's theatre arts scene."


Barry has returned for its final season, where Barry finds himself helpless and seeking penance from himself and the people he imagines being closest to him. 


Bill Hader brings a dark, brooding performance as recently apprehended full time actor, part time hitman Barry Berkman. Barry’s tortured soul is on full display in the first two episodes of this season, as he searches for forgiveness and comfort in what may be the last hoorah of his troubled, complicated life. 


Barry’s circumstances find him locked up with his uncle/handler Fuches (Stephen Root), and they both sway back and forth between the expected and unexpected behaviors of their characters. Their shared history of chaos, blood money, and soured relationships with other violent criminals has created a twisted, unbreakable bond that teeter-totters back and forth between an undying loyalty to each other and a recurring desire to end the other person’s life. 


This season embraces the surrealism and uncertainty of what is fact and what is fiction, fueled by Barry’s unstable mind. Perceived loyalties among the people Barry trusted and loved most are revealed to Barry as a facade, and he is forced to look himself in the mirror and come to terms with who he is and all the pain and suffering he has caused. 


Noho Hank and Cristobal return as an adorable domestic couple who are brainstorming new ideas of building a new crime empire on the foundation of a very special sand. Hank may have some other ideas involving his undying loyalty to Barry, which may wreak potential havoc on the loving and fruitful relationship he’s built with Cristobal. 


Sally (Sarah Goldberg) flies back home hoping to find comfort from her family, but is met with the opposite and a cruel reminder of what caused her to leave home in the first place. 


Gene (Henry Winkler) is finding solace in the love of his life Janice Moss’s killer being brought to justice with his aide. However, he cannot resist capitalizing on the media frenzy and his role in catching Barry. We see him quickly diverting back to his default self serving and promotional ways. 


While the subject matter of Barry has become ever darker over the course of the series, Bill Hader still finds a way to infuse effective, absurdist comedy within a dark storyline where it shouldn’t belong, but always finds a home. You hang on every word of the characters and fully embrace their feelings, interactions, intensity, and hilarious sidebars that lighten up the storm clouds the characters are barreling towards.

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