Graphic Novel Review




BEAR SERUM (2020) 

Bear Serum is a captivating and intense graphic novel when it wants to be, however it's occasionally difficult to follow the narrative that makes getting to the conclusion a little more of a struggle. 


Author/Artist K. Fleischhacker does a marvelous job of building this world and illustrating these characters in a way that grabs hold of you even when the story loses some much needed umph. The work here is captivating in itself due to the artist’s work on the page. In one word only, it’s superb. 


Bear Serum as a whole is a bit of a mixed bag; it's not afraid to get political with the content and that functions well here. The titular serum is the mystery that needed a better explanation, as the transformation from said serum is when the story becomes incredibly enticing to continue; however, a lack of understanding of how it functions leaves it a bit up in the air.


As the graphic novel travels through its different sections, things become shuffled up, as the story jumps suddenly and requires a bit of reconstruction to understand what is now occurring in the narrative. Once things come together by the end, we are left with a deep conclusion that left me wanting more - more of the humor found in the last half and less of the  dry, abstruse exposition.

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