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Release Date: 12/01/22 (Youtube)

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Studio: Push Start Films

"Two sisters track down and torture a man which they suspect is their estranged father."


I appreciate a short film for its ability to capture an audience and tell a cohesive and complete story in a fraction of the time of a feature film. Although Blood Positive avoids most of that, I still found myself utterly captivated and wanting more.


This is not your typical short film that tells a complete story, it instead introduces you to two characters in the midst of two storylines, with no answers or conclusions. Somehow, it still works. Two women, sisters, meet in a desert with two sketchy, average men. These women control the tense conversation, in which the audience has no definitive explanation on what it is about —other than money and who gets how much.


The story shifts to night time, the same two women are seen surprising a man in his home, eventually tying him up and brutally beating him. It’s unclear if this man has what the women are looking for in relation to the men from the desert. It becomes even more confusing when the women reveal this man has a very prominent role from their past. Others show up and derail their mission, whatever it was, and send the women frantically fleeing the scene.


That’s where the story ends. Ultimately I have no answers for what actually happened, but I know I want more and it's certainly worth watching for those that love suspense and mystery.

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