Connor Petrey

MAY. 10. 2022.

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CLEAN is NOW available on DVD & Bluray from IFC Films and RLJE Films. 


Clean was directed by Paul Solet (Tread, “Mars”) who co-wrote the film with Adrien Brody (The French Dispatch, Predators). Along with Brody, the film stars Glenn Fleshler (Joker, “Barry”), Ritchie Merritt (White Boy Rick, “Euphoria”), Chandler Ari DuPont (Charm City Kings), Mykelti Williamson (Forrest Gump, The Purge: Election Year), RZA (Nobody), Michelle Wilson (“Amazing Stories”), and John Bianco (“The Sopranos”). 


Our critic Dempsey Pillot had this to say about the film in his original review from February: 


“Despite the name, Clean is far from spotless. It might not even be all that refreshing. But Brody’s memorable and grounded performance - alongside his numerous other contributions - are more than enough to still make this a solid entry in an otherwise played-out subgenre.” 


Our critic Connor Petrey had this to say about the film after watching the physical release: 


“With an extremely slow build and a less than satisfying sum of flashbacks, the film is incredible when it’s in its action, Brody absolutely kills it in his lead role, having co-produced, co-written the film as well - his sorrow is visible throughout and you can see the look of dread as he is forced into becoming his past self to protect one of the people he’s sought to look after. Clean sits at 93 minutes and even with its short runtime, it is drawn out. Nonetheless when we see Brody’s Clean break down and become his violent self, these sequences are beyond entertaining and the finale is more than enough to warrant a watch.” 


The physical release unfortunately is a pretty barebones release with only the film and audio setting present on the disc. With Brody’s heavy involvement in the film it would have been a nice touch to have an audio commentary or just a short behind the scenes of the development from him and director Paul Solet.

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