Release Date: 09/16/22 [Netflix]

Genre: Horror

Studio: Netflix

"Drea and Eleanor agree to go after one another's bullies."


It’s hard for me to love a movie when every character is a “Bitchasaurus rex,” to quote one of the main characters of teen revenge comedy Do Revenge.


That said, the film makers got a lot right here; it simply took stepping out of my comfort zone and watching it through a younger person’s eyes to truly appreciate it.


My first time watching Do Revenge was somewhat unsatisfactory. Things moved so fast that I could barely keep up with the snappy dialogue or dizzying cast of characters, and I just couldn’t relate to any of it.


A second viewing accompanied by my teen daughter, however, had me finding a lot more to like about Do Revenge.


Loosely based on Alfred Hitchcock’s 1951 Strangers on a Train, which I haven’t seen, the plot here is relatively simple: two characters make a pact to secretly enact revenge against each other’s tormentors.


The execution, however, is anything but simple. There are 90s references, Euphoria-esque moments and everything in between. Do Revenge is super woke, feminist and self-aware - yet it still plays into tired, uncool tropes (black best friend/wing man, anyone?)


Here are things I liked about Do Revenge:


  • 90s homage

  • The two leads, Robin Hawke and Camila Mendes, do an excellent job

  • The soundtrack slaps (Courtney Love and so much more)

  • I will watch Paris Berelc from Alexa & Katie in absolutely anything

  • Clever dialogue at times (my ex-girlfriend is mad that I hooked up with my ex-boyfriend)

  • Important anti-sexting message 

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (aka Sarah Michelle Gellar) as the principal or headmaster was an epic touch

  • “Peaking in HS is cringe anyway”

  • “Everybody’s fucking gay”


Here are things I didn’t love about Do Revenge:


  • Pervasive bitchy, cynical tone

  • Annoying dialogue at times (emotional support lizard)

  • Unlikeable (and nearly indistinguishable) characters

  • The ostentatious wealth combined with bad attitudes got very annoying

  • Main characters Drea and Eleanor are both super smart, yet make poor choices

  • The message of “channel your anger to get what you want” is not my fave


Overall, I’d say there are enough redeeming features to watch Do Revenge at least once. If you don’t love it the first time, maybe you too should watch it again with someone from Gen Z. They might just change your mind.

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