DISCLAIMER: There are *minor* spoilers in this review. If you don’t want to know any of the general plot plus some details in between, I suggest you watch and then come back!


 Episode ONE: “Edgar"  FULL

“No Comment.”



  • The idea seemed instantly played out with consecutive "No comment" remarks and time running out but Tennant (the "criminal") brought life to the character as life continued on.

  • The story that unfolds is brilliantly written and tense. 

  • Tennant’s devastation as he learns of the detective’s deception is disheartening



  • Beyond the people within the interrogation room and the things being told to one another we barely get any character development behind the quote on quote criminal's backstory.


Deep Dive:

The David Tennant led “Edgar” keeps you on your toes from beginning to end, while fighting the suspense to know whether or not Edgar will crack amongst the pressure he is enduring within the confines of the interrogation room. While I admire and love the detectives interrogating Edgar, it’s just unfortunate that the remainder of the characters are far less likable or even interesting. Edgar leaves a lot on the table for further episodes, but with only three episodes within the season, it’s difficult to see the future getting better for this wasted character.


Episode Two: "Stacey" HALF

“That was one of those bits they don’t teach you in your course”



  • The tension is still on and as the episode continues the tension rises more

  • The performances display an extension of the characters we were given in episode one



  • Stacey’s story doesn’t catch my interest as much as I would like

  • The setting is gripping and becomes much more “homey” as the story moves along

  • A big plothole ruins the closure of the interrogation


Deep Dive:

Stacey isn’t as riveting as David Tennant’s Edgar, however her story holds strong once the backend of the episode begins. While the writing remains just as fresh, it’s the different method of interrogation we receive from the new duo of detectives that make it a less interesting episode. The twist has quite a bit of a plothole that unfortunately never gets filled, and this episode lacks the sharp ending that we received in the prior installment.

Episode Three: "Jay"  FULL

“Maybe I Just Went A Different Way.”



  • The interrogation method used in this third entry is the most attractive to watch play out, similar to the premiere, the finale gives an engrossing story that helps us slowly grave ahold of the characters surrounding the case at hand.

  • The attorney’s energy towards the detectives makes you root even more for the “criminal” of the episode, Jay.

  • The closing details from episode two are wonderfully elaborated in a gigantic plot twist



  • The extra characters we are given are an unnecessary add-on to the characters we have now grown accustomed to.



Deep Dive:

Jay is a brute, and it seems unlikely that we would grow to feel for the man on the other side of the table. However, if there was one episode of the three where you can really feel the hardship of the accused, it would be this one. This man had to take on a huge decision to try to decide to give up the location of the missing “cargo,” and it was a troubling site to see play out. As the time runs out and suspense grows, a plot twist is unleashed and our time with the detectives has quickly run its course.

Season Thoughts:| FULL: 2, HALF: 1, SPILLED: 0 | VERDICT: FULL


Within the runtime of three episodes of Criminal: United Kingdom, we witness the detective work of three duos operating under three entirely different interrogation methods. Criminal is ambitious and tense beyond a reasonable doubt with character building so simplistic it's difficult to understand why you long for more time with these particular characters once the third credits start to roll.

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