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CUPCAKE (2022)

Director: Kyle Perritt

Writers: Kyle Perritt / Henry Snyder 
Seen at the Nightmares Film Festival '22

Genre: Comedy

"Amateur murderers Paul and Lucy find themselves on the run in the southern marshlands with some peculiar cargo: A dead body and a mysterious batch of delicious looking baked goods. When they arrive at a secluded rental home to lay low, their eccentric landlord only complicates matters more."


Kyle Perritt’s Cupcake is a dark comedy with killer taste, delivering a sharp, sarcastic undertone to its twisted sense of humor. There’s ultimately nothing sweeter than a poisonous baked good looming around. Having seen this short film twice now, it’s safe to say this is an experience worth having alongside an active crowd, as the film packs an even bigger punch through its consistent humor. 


As a pair of alluring lovebirds with an imminent threat on the horizon, Revell Carpenter (Lucy) and Walker Trull (Paul) have an undeniable chemistry between one another; it’s one of the many reasons Cupcake works as phenomenally as it does. Trull is able to perfectly deliver the sarcasm with exquisite timing, and Carpenter flings it right back at him with precision, easily drawing the audience into their havoc. 


Proposed villain, Geoff (Henry Riggs), is an instant scene stealer with his interaction with both Carpenter and Trull bringing in some extra levity with awkward hilarity. The couple’s retreat rental owner, Randy (Bill Davis), is a surprising delight, from his uncomfortable line delivery, to the way he holds himself in moments of questionable behavior; Davis is one to watch. 


Cupcake is a deliciously sinister comedic short that embraces its sarcastic sense of humor with a violent twist. Revell Carpenter and Walker Trull are a dynamite coupling, and under Perritt’s direction, nothing could be sweeter.

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