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Genre: Horror. Thriller.

Director: Will Frankenstein.

Cast: Rebecca Grace. Jose Muñoz. Maggie Sedillo. Rose Thomas.

[Seen for Dark Red Film Festival 2023]


"A film lab technician becomes obsessed with one of her customers and when an inevitable discovery forces her up against a wall, she must act quickly or lose the object of her obsession forever."


As someone who's recently taken on a hobby of film photography, I found Will Frankenstein's Disposable to be an absolute delight. It's an unraveling tale of obsession that honestly delivers on nearly all fronts. The writing of the short drives the tone home immediately with playfully evil vibes for the main performances to play around in.


There's also wonderful cinematography and editing that drive home the psychological effect of the whole piece. Perhaps I felt the score of the film was a bit too derivative of some Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross scores, but it still stands out as pretty unique in the end. This was very much my kind of thing, and may be one of my favorite horror films I've seen in 2023 period.


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