This is it! This is the culmination of 11 years and 21 movies of superhero goodness and build up: an unprecedented saga that all ends with the Endgame. As a huge fan of these Marvel films, I just couldn't wait! I watched every trailer, TV spot, breakdown video, fan theory, and interview trying to figure out even a small portion of the very mysterious plot of the film. Now, it's here... But is it any good?

Spoilers: YES!!!!!!!!!!



Endgame marks the fourth return of the Russo Brothers as directors for the MCU and they have earned a spot as some of the finest in the franchise and the go-to for quality, emotional, character-driven superhero stories. The amount of stress and work that went into this must have been immense, but the Russos make it seem so easy. I've never watched a three-hour film before and yet felt the time whiz by, just like that. While the first act may seem slow to some, I loved the more intimate moments between these heroes that we've come to know as people over the last few years. The direction is precise, focused, emotional, assured, and brisk to the point to where I even wish the movie was longer. Great stuff!


As a finale to a series of 21 other movies and the conclusion of many character arcs that were built upon in the past, this is an absolute triumph. All your favorite heroes get moments to shine in either action, comedy, or drama segments. It's a very plot-heavy movie that I dare not spoil in this section of the review, but let's just say it has everything you would want from a superhero film and much, much more. While there are some logical fallacies and possibly being a little too slow for some younger viewers, this is as close to a perfect conclusion that we could get.


What a journey this movie is for not only us but the actors on the screen. Downey Jr. has played Tony Stark in various films for 11 years, and the rest of the cast (Evans, Hemsworth, Johannson, Renner, Ruffalo, and more) have done great work fleshing out their respective characters over the last few years. Everyone gives it their all to end the Infinity Saga on a hugely satisfying note. Many main character arcs are expanded and concluded in beautiful and emotional ways, newer characters have big impacts on the plot (Ant-Man being the MVP), and lesser characters that weren't household names are put in the spotlight and leave lasting impressions. It helps that the cast is all superb, with the standouts being both Downey Jr. and Evans. An astonishing cast of larger than life characters and fantastic actors to portray them; it’s perfectly balanced.



That. Theme. That wonderful, energetic, and beautifully orchestrated theme! I can hear it in my head as I type this review. I can't envision any scene from this movie without that theme being played bombastically or quietly in the background of it. It might be the best superhero theme I've ever heard in my life (sorry Dark Knight & Superman). It's the cherry on top of an already astounding achievement in cinema. The rest of the score and the sound design are top notch, but that theme is one for the ages.


Gorgeous is the right word for this. There are shots in this film that I legitimately believe were lifted straight out of a comic book panel. If you thought the movie would be all depressing and slow then I got news for you: this is the Marvel Avengers film you've been waiting for. From space, to alien worlds, to giant battlefields covered in debris, this film has a look to it that is distinct from any other MCU film and fits the tone of each scene as well as the overall story. I wish I could say more but I'll hold my tongue and leave by simply saying: WOW! They really did it! It's...beautiful!

I don't know how they did it, but Marvel, The Russo's, Kevin Feige, and all of the writers and actors managed to make a film so immensely satisfying and well constructed that it makes me weep just thinking about it. I never considered Marvel films as high art, but I would say that Endgame is the closest we've gotten so far. There are some issues (mainly with some of the logic) but I would be lying if I said I didn't love every single second of this film. It's a love letter to the fans, and a deeply emotional one at that. It's been 11 years since Marvel started this universe, and I'm proud to have been there since the start. I’m now looking forward to the future.






    "If I Tell You What Happens, It Won't Happen."

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