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Release Date: 02/01/23 [One Night Cinematic Event]
Genre: Comedy

Studio: Half Empty Productions

"Misunderstandings and bad life decisions lead the way as a Loan Shark's son comes up missing while he is trying to take over the food chain of crime in a city that has small time thieves with champagne dreams on a beer budget." 


From the late comedian/filmmaker Corey Mintz, Find Eddie finally arrives on the big screen after nearly a decade of continued production with the assistance of many; including first time producers Amy Dolph, Brock Shank and Scott Moyer. 


An indie in the spirit of the work of Guy Ritchie (Snatch) and Neveldine/Taylor (Crank) - the film translates from an 00s era script with a sense of humor that’s ultimately hit and miss. With a sharp twisted script, the enemy of the feature is the sound design, as it deteriorates certain quality jokes with hard to hear dialogue and music cues. 


Take out the sound issues and you have a fascinating concept with quality local actors delivering “the goods." Titled with nicknames like the most memorable gangster features: Brock Shank (Webber) Jeffrey Jena (Drake), Kenny Smith (Jumper), Mike Canestaro (Detective Doyle) and many others deliver unique, charismatic performances that create an adrenaline burst of every scene they’re a part of. As a conceptual feature film, made with the intention to become something bigger, Find Eddie is a fun time at the cinema even with its flaws. Its charm comes from its “no budget” nature. 

Filmed prior to the director’s passing and completed in post with the help of many behind the scenes, the end product is a perfect depiction of the underbelly of Dayton, OH - a dynamic setting so little focused on in feature films. Find Eddie may lack in the violence or the technique of a higher budget picture, but it’s in the videogame effect gunshots that the film’s flair is summed up. It’s certainly not a film for everyone, but Find Eddie will find its intended audience - a cult following will ensue, whether it be tomorrow or a decade from now, it’s inevitable. It’s already struck a chord somewhere special, winning the Best Stoner/Cannabis Comedy at the 2021 Poor Life Choices Comedy Film Festival.

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