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FLOATER (2023)

Genre: Drama. Horror.

Director: D.M. Harring.

Actors: Jeffrey Nordling. Darcy Rose Byrnes. Jacob Wysocki.  

Seen at the Nightmares Film Festival


"After his abusive father's death, a troubled man builds a mausoleum to the relationship they never had... in his parents' bathroom."


Floater is unapologetically disgusting while showcasing a psychotic break surrounding grief. After a father collapses while using the toilet, his children, Phillip and Melanie must deal with their grief in their own respective ways. Phillip, erupting with emotion, isolates himself in the very bathroom of his father’s passing, finding solace in a grotesque discovery. 


The film is comfortable in its gross nature, producing a story that explores a potentially violent upbringing and attempting to find recovery in the obscene. Jacob Wysocki is terrific in his mainly non-verbal role showcasing his pain through his facial or lack there of expressions. The makeup / costume design was impeccable here letting the viewer fully soak in just how revolting of a life path Phillip has forced himself to take over the last month period. Darcy Rose Byrnes (Melanie - the sister) and Christine Elliott (Victoria - the mother) share their own passage around recovering from their loved ones passing, while also sharing a fear of different perspectives regarding Phillip’s state of mind. Both performances add an extra depth to the storytelling and allows for an outsider perspective on the secrets our lead may be keeping to himself behind closed doors. 


Floater is director / writer D.M. Harring’s directorial debut and it's a perfect encapsulation of holstered emotions being released in their own unique way. It's a disturbing film in its own right, especially when considering how unstable Phillip’s mind must be dealing with issues beyond the surface level of his father/son relationship. It’s effective, captivating with its alternative takes on a situation transpiring at a pool and is a grand example of how to convey a pandora’s box of internal torment with minimal screen time. 

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