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CHICK FIGHT stars Malin Akerman (27 DRESSES, “Billions”), Bella Thorne (ASSASSINATION NATION, “Famous in Love”), Emmy® Award winner and Academy Award® nominee Alec Baldwin (Mission: Impossible franchise, It’s Complicated), Golden Globe® nominee Kevin Connolly (ENTOURAGE, HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU), Dulcé Sloan (“The Daily Show”), Dominique Jackson (“Pose”), Fortune Feimster (The HAPPYTIME MURDERS, OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY) and retired wrestler Kevin Nash. 

PLOT: When Anna Wyncomb is introduced to an underground, all-female fight club in order to turn the mess of her life around, she discovers she is much more personally connected to the history of the club than she could ever imagine.

CHICK FIGHT is available in Theaters, Digitally & On-Demand 11.13.20


ERICA: What would you say to someone who looks at this film, knows nothing about it, and writes it off as a wannabe women’s version of FIGHT CLUB?

FORTUNE FEIMSTER: Most likely, if you’re asking a man to watch a film called “Chick Fight” they’re going to say “no” but if people would just watch it and not assume a remake of *the* fight club and that it’s actually not like that movie at all they would really enjoy it. It just happens to be a fight club and it just happens to be women. Speaking of the women--the stunt women were incredible! They were teaching us to fight and our mouths were just on the floor seeing their skills. You know most fight scenes with a woman might be one super-hero woman character and then a bunch of have fight scenes with all women was just different and special. We felt hard core and gritty in a warehouse in Puerto Rico. It was really fun.


ERICA: There are much deeper themes here than what is just on the surface level. Sisterhood and strength at the forefront. Why is this messaging so important right now?

FORTUNE FEIMSTER: Women are starting to own their power and be tough and unapologetic. But also with this it is really fun with the way it plays on the aspects of women. There is one scene with a quiet shy woman and then she gets in the ring and just kicks ass. You see the main character, Anna--played by Malin Akerman--go through a transformation.  She is at a place where she doesn’t really know where her past is and not really sure what she is meant to do. Then she finds it through this group of women and a new focus on life. The support and finding the journey for yourself is what this is really about. 


Now, this movie is not telling you to go out and physically fight. You don’t actually have to go out and beat each other up to find it. But, seeing women kick butt in the process is great too. This is really a mix of women being badasses and letting the comedy shine through.


ERICA: One of my favorite things about this film and story was that it didn't hold back. It also didn't play into girly tropes or the overly emotional woman trope. The film definitely has silly and funny moments but I think it’s really important to see women characters like this. How do you think audiences will react?

FORTUNE FEIMSTER: I hope they enjoy it, it really is meant to entertain. We wanted it to be one of those movies where people can watch it and enjoy the journey and forget about the craziness of the world and just appreciate the entertainment of it all. 


We had fun and were able to improvise things just trying to be real people and what would it be like if you and the moms from the PTA and the person from your gym and you saw on the elliptical every day and then you look over and suddenly you are at a fight club after you just dropped your kids off at school. It is really funny to think of it that way, and that is what CHICK FIGHT is.


ERICA: What is next for you?

FORTUNE FEIMSTER: I was so excited for this year! My Netflix special came out, and that is what every comedian looks to do,  and then sold out a bunch of theaters. My first show was supposed to be March 15th and then everything shut down! We are working to get new dates rescheduled, so I cannot wait for that. I also have other movies coming out, Pixar’s SOUL is hitting Disney+ and I have a small part in that. FRIENDSGIVING will be available on Amazon soon, too. I also have the Netflix radio show “What a Joke with Papa and Fortune” which has been really great.



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NOV. 10. 2020.


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