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              the crpwriters give their 'got' series finale takes

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      Sydney MacRae - Film Critic

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Game of Thrones has, and most likely, always will be one of my all time favourite shows. With that being said, I have never felt more insulted by the writers. They went with such an easy ending - where did the GoT who killed Ned Stark and Robb go? Instead we have major characters somehow protected throughout numerous battles.


The series finale felt drawn out in some spots unnecessarily whereas other times it was too rushed. The writers ignored all the previous foreshadowing and decided instead to go for a King Bran and finish with, what I assume was supposed to be humorous, meeting. Maybe GRR Martin wants Bran on the throne, but I strongly doubt he wants him there like this. Disappointing to the point that I will now struggle to recommend this show.


          Jeff Zoldy - Film Critic

Game of Thrones is a show that’s meant a lot to me since I began watching it. Over the course of 8 seasons, it’s given me so much joy, heartbreak, and fist-pumping thrills, which is all I can ask of a TV show. However, this latest season felt different. It was rushed, and felt inconsistent with everything that came before it. Going into the series finale, I was nowhere near as excited as I wanted to be, and that made me sad. I was disappointed.


However, the series finale was a bit better than I thought it would be. The series had the gargantuan task of wrapping up over half a dozen character arcs, and did so with varying degrees of success. With the lackluster place that the writers left the show in leading into the finale, I felt that the show did the best that it could. Sansa and Arya’s arcs felt satisfying and complete, which was very pleasantly surprising. However, Jon and Daenerys have both been written poorly all season, a trend that disappointingly continues in the finale. The two main characters of the series, especially Jon, have felt like afterthoughts throughout the season, and it’s disappointing beyond words to see how rushed the conclusion to both stories are.

There are plenty of moments in the finale that don’t make a ton of sense (anything with Bran, for instance), but given the season we’ve had, this was likely the best we could hope for. It’s far from the worst series finale I’ve seen (hello, Dexter), but it’s nowhere near as climactic or moving as it could’ve been. For a show that made its name on clever and consequential plot moves, this finale felt devoid of any real surprise or suspense, and that’s the biggest shame for me. We got a somewhat satisfying conclusion, but it feels lacking in light of the 7 seasons that precede it. Instead of leaving me feeling satisfied in the ending we received, I just long for what could have been had the last season or two been more satisfying. Still, I will miss this show dearly. I’ll remember the journey even if the destination felt lacking, and I hope you all do the same. It’s truly one of the greatest shows ever created, and it will remain my favorite for quite some time. We shall never see its like again, and now our watch has ended.


Christopher Henderson - Film Critic

IT'S OVER!!! After 8 long years of hearing "Khaleesi" and "Winter is Coming" over and over again, Game of Thrones is DONE! I love the series. I'll listen to Tyrion roast people & Drogon literally roasting people for days if I could. The writing, acting, visuals, story, pacing, world-building, and more were all terrific...until the last couple of seasons at least. I haven't hated this season or the last couple but I can see the drop in quality for sure. Now, we have the final episode. The end. The culmination. The finale. Can we please get this right!?!? PLEASE!?!?


Well, I'm much more mixed than I thought I would be. I've been pretty positive when it comes to the rest of the season but this is the episode that really made me see what everyone else was talking about. It wasn't as fulfilling as it should've been and almost felt like a fan fiction more than an actual ending to one of the most popular shows ever.


Some great moments (Pretty much anything Tyrion) are followed by some less than exceptional moments (Really Arya? She's a killer? NO CRAP!). My main problem is the way they treat some of our main characters in the last couple of seasons. Mainly Jon, Dany, and Cersei and none of them get satisfactory endings. Jon ALMOST gets a decent one but it's let down by the fact that it's a predictable and almost forced one. Dany and Cersei's endings just downright suck in my opinion. Following these characters since the first ever episode and THIS is how their story ends? Really?


I do, however, really like all of the quiet, contemplative, scenes in the episode. The Tyrion and Jon scene worked whenever it was Tyrion talking and, while I don't like her ending, I felt the Jon and Dany scene was extremely well acted and emotional. I also really liked Brienne's scene that retroactively acts as Jaime's ending. The music is terrific and helps manipulate you into feeling a little sadder that the series is over but it doesn't make up for the hollow feeling I have after it was all said and done. To be honest, this easily could've been a season finale as well. That's how non-climactic it really felt to me.


Overall, the episode had a lot of good scenes but not enough for me to call this a great series finale. It's a decent episode with a lot of good and bad. Nowhere near as good as Breaking Bad's ending.

Tiffany McLaughlin

              Tiffany McLaughlin - Film Critic

Game of Thrones has been such a game changer for television and I will forever appreciate it. Always so carefully planned out, takes you by surprise when you least expect it, full of excitement. I always thought the finale would have some sort of rewarding pay off. Not a happy ending, those don't exist here. But at least some loose ends to tie up and a sense of relief for the people of Westeros. However, that didn't happen and it was off putting in terms of the slow drawn out pacing. Nothing felt as epic as episodes in the past. It was almost like they didn't want to give a predictable ending so they just went with the most far out alternative. When you build up a story for 8 years based on two specific main characters, it's going to look foolish when you literally throw their story lines down the shitter, just to make sure no one on Reddit has come up with it already.


Going off of what happens in episode 5, I understand what needed to be done. It makes sense in the context of what this season decided to do. Episode 5 focused on the civilians and I'm confused as to why we didn't get ANY context of the surviving victims in 6. With how slow the episode was, it could have fit. This finale at most felt very foreign to the rest of the show. I realize I'm too naive. The reality had been staring me in the face for three episodes and I chose to ignore it. I had hoped to feel something nostalgic when the episode closed. Jon riding into the trees with Ghost should have broke me, but it didn't. I also laughed at times when I definitely shouldn't have. The only moments I really felt joy and satisfaction was seeing how everyone else fit into their new roles.


With all that being said, I'm still very glad I chose to go on this journey. I came in four seasons late, caught up in four weeks in my old dorm room just in time for the season 5 premiere. I'm happy to have known these characters and watch them become some pretty amazing people. I'm also very excited to see the upcoming documentary to watch this phenomenal crew do their thing behind the scenes.

All hail the Queen in the North!

Connor Petrey - Founder|Head Film Critic


Speed Running to get to where I needed to be for the series finale. I went from the end of season 4 to the series finale within three weeks time and I had a great time getting to the 8th season. Once there my entertainment dropped slightly but by the end of episode 7 I was personally pumped to see how the series was going to end. Now that it’s all over I can say that I was partially disappointed by the episode - loving the first half and mostly loathing the second.


What did I love? The frightening start to the episode, the slow crawl through town with Tyrion finding his brother and sister. Jon and Dany having their final confrontational moments, as well as Drogon’s blazing reaction. Finally what I appreciated most was Tyrion and Jon’s dialogue together in Tyrion’s cell was brilliance at play.


What doesn’t work? Everything else. The selection of a new king. The promotion of a traitor. Characters having no resolution and drawn out scenes near the end that just make you hate the episode entirely.


“The Iron Throne” is an unfortunate conclusion to a brilliant series. I adore the first seven seasons, no matter what anyone says about the last few. The eighth season had lots of issues, the most glaring of which is the fact that it was all just too fast. Characters were wasted, but not all - Dany going mad is the way I’d always want it to go after seeing it in action and while I don’t approve of the new king of the six kingdoms, I suppose it will do. At the very least I can appreciate that my favorite character still lives - while so many others have perished.

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