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 Published: 11.28.21

       MPAA: R

Genre: Crime. Drama.

“Ridley Scott’s weakest directorial effort in recent memory”

     RELEASE: 11.24.21



"When outsider Patrizia Reggiani marries into the Gucci family empire, her infectious ambition begins to sow seeds of dissension, greed, betrayal, and revenge into the family legacy, ultimately leading to deadly consequences."


House of Gucci is a film that attempts to be every movie ever, all at once. That being said, it was a journey that I do not regret going on. Despite being extremely messy, I found myself laughing my head off at all of the absurdity that was penetrating my eye-holes.

To begin, all of the film’s performances captured a ‘first table read’ energy that kept me engaged throughout the rather long runtime. Gaga was ruthlessly dedicated to every choice she made, Adam Driver embodied a ‘Michael Corleone-esque’ charisma, the great Al Pacino is legendary and ferocious as ever, and Jared Leto… well he is just about as Jared Leto as you’ve ever seen him. The problem this film runs into, however, is that none of the performances mesh together in any way. Everyone is doing their own brilliant thing, but when it came to scenes with them together, the tone of the film became about as confusing as Jeremy Iron’s Italian accent. I attribute this problem in tone to what may be Ridley Scott’s weakest directorial effort in recent memory. The best parts of the film are when the acting and dialogue goes balls to the wall goofy and gives off an ‘Italian soap opera’ vibe that hilariously becomes a satire of itself (for reference, checkout the very iconic and hilarious love making scene in the first act of the film).

This film had so much potential to be the best of the year, but due to sloppy editing, zero vision, and a serious case of taking itself too seriously, the film comes out as a rather divisive romp. I find it hard to recommend this film to anyone or any demographic in particular, but if you are willing to take a chance on this wild film, you may either come out laughing with joy or laughing out of shock.


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