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I'M A VIRGO (2023)

Season One [Premiere] 

Aired On: Prime Video

Release Date: 06/23/23 [SXSW 2023]
Comedy. Drama. Fantasy.

"Follows a 13-foot-tall Black man who lives in Oakland, CA."


The premiere of I’m a Virgo is a profound experience from beginning to end, as it delivers it’s bizarre yet purposeful message of attempting to fit in as an outsider. Boots Riley previously made the equally bizarre Sorry to Bother You with mild success and here, I’m a Virgo leaves an intriguing impression but not one I’d necessarily have the desire to follow up on. 


The mystery behind our lead Cootie’s existence and choice to be hidden from the public up to his 19th year on the planet is still very much under wraps by the premiere’s close. We have a threat in the superhero known as The Hero (Walton Goggins) and the unknowing enemies he creates by merely existing but this all feels like set-up leading to an unknown territory. As our lead mentions “I’m a Virgo and Virgo’s love adventure,” as such the series is filled with curiosity, especially when the cat is out of the bag and we witness the reactions of the people in Cootie’s vicinity. 


The lack of excitement and worry the community has in Cootie’s sudden appearance brings about a lot of questions. Cootie is new to the world as we know it and that’s rather clear in his speech patterns being learned from television rather than socializing. It’s unclear where the story is headed by the end of this premiere but I’m unsure if it’s a story I really need an end to. It’s a fascinating idea for a short film but stretched into a series feels like an overextension above anything else.

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