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Release Date: 06/03/22 [Netflix]

Genre: Action/Adventure/Drama

Studio: Netflix


"One Army captain must use her years of tactical training and military expertise when a simultaneous coordinated attack threatens the remote missile interceptor station she is in command of."


Interceptor is attempting to be a really cool 80s action movie, a really really cool 80s action movie, one that should have been left back in the 80s. Stranded on a military base in the middle of the ocean known as an “interceptor,” J.J. Collins must defend the base from a terrorist threat and prevent the beginning of a nuclear war. Similar to the likes of simple action films of the last decade, this film could’ve been an absolute blast to experience, like the outrageous and fun Gerard Butler led Has Fallen series from the early 2010s. 


Unfortunately for this film, the script, primarily the dialogue is discouraging from the jump and the lead, Elsa Pataky doesn’t have the presence to steer a feature length film. Her acting skills are nowhere near where they need to be for an action film like this. When we have a film that is so heavily reliant on the action and how badass the main character is, we need a badass actor behind that role. While I personally didn’t mind Matthew Reilly’s nostalgia leaning direction and was pleasantly surprised by the film’s visuals, it’s in the characters we are supposed to be rooting for, despising and being curious of, that ultimately sinks the ship faster than the narrative intends. 


While I didn’t despise my time with Interceptor, I did have a rather difficult time encouraging myself to make it to the end. The film needed a rewrite and a recasting to make for a serviceable action film – but we did get numerous needless scenes of Chris Hemsworth yelling at a television set, so that’s something.

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