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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is the newest installment in Kevin Smith’s View Askew universe! I was incredibly excited for this installment, as I am an avid fan of Smith’s work (yes, even including Tusk, haha). This brings back long running characters and provides a happy ending for the characters you’ve grown up with and love greatly. Overall, I’m incredibly happy with what I received.



Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is directed by Kevin Smith post his major heart attack. He has been speaking of making sequels to Clerks, Mallrats, etc. and decided to do this. I am personally grateful, as it was a funny and incredibly heartwarming experience. It was super surreal to see them on screen again as their characters. The story follows Jay and Silent Bob as they go to Hollywood once again to stop a movie being made following their names being owned by the company. Along the way we run into many beloved characters from past films. The direction was amazing, considering it was like a copy of the original Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. The film was fully aware of this and the majority of the jokes revolve around it. Wonderfully done, hilarious, and honestly so heartfelt. We deal with Jay having a daughter, and that really fuels the heartfelt moments and is done very well. I didn’t think Jason Mewes would have it in him to pull off such a heartwarming performance but he does and I applaud Kevin Smith for what we have now.


The plot of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot started out as a run to Hollywood for Jay and Silent Bob to stop the Bluntman and Chronic Reboot so that they can keep their names. They run into people along the way - first being Justice (Jay’s long lost love). No, they didn’t end up together, and honestly I love Smith’s choice to keep it realistic in a film about weed smoking superheroes and Russian spies. Moving forward, it turns out Justice had their love child and decided not to tell Jay about it. Justice introduces them and leaves for a trip with her wife. Jay and Silent Bob end up agreeing to take Milly (Harley Quinn Smith, Jay’s daughter in the film) to Hollywood so her friend can be on the Bluntman and Chronic set. This brings a load of laughs and so much fun - but also a lot of tears. When Kevin Smith warned there might be tears, I didn’t think I’d actually cry, but I did. So be prepared and bring a tissue box - not a large one but maybe those little airport tissue cases.


The characters in this piece were incredible. The return of Grant Hicks was amazing and I’m so glad the Hicks triplets (almost) all made it into this sequel. Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith really are at the top of their game - Jason especially! I’m so amazed to see how far he’s come as an actor from his Clerks beginnings to now. Amazing work! Rosario Dawson returning made me so happy, as she is an amazing actress and always kills whatever role she has. My biggest complaint (and the reason I feel I can’t give this a FULL) is Shannon Elizabeth. She was perfect in her prior role in this universe, but as a mom, I just had a hard time believing it. But that’s really my only complaint when it comes to acting - everyone else was amazing. I could go on about all the amazing cameos and whatnot but I strongly believe this movie should be viewed fresh without spoilers so please do yourself a favour and go watch!



Kevin Smith, the clever nostalgia-ridden jerk, knows how to get me crying. He used previous scores from his films to bring back the nostalgia in a quick wave you won’t even notice until the tears come down your face. Especially when we get to see the Chasing Amy cast again. That was a quick tear from me. Smith also used other 90s songs such as 'Daughter' by Pearl Jam and my god does it just work so f***ing well! He knows how to make us want to go back, or hell, just climb into the universe ourselves. Well done.


The special effects were super enjoyable in this film. The most prominent effects come from any moment they smoke weed, as they make the smoke green for some random but totally amazing reason, and the Bluntman and Chronic scene - which was amazing by the way. It wasn’t perfect, but that’s kind of what helps with the charm of the film. It didn’t need to be next level, but it was the perfect amount of special effects. But since, to be honest, this film isn’t chock full of special effects, I'd like to take a moment to also say the costumes were fantastic for Bluntman and Chronic.

I can’t recommend enough that everyone go out and see this film. If you have any connections to the View Askew universe, do yourself a favour and go. You’ll have a wave of nostalgia and get to see little Easter eggs for those bigger fans. The cameos alone will have you on the floor laughing (especially one in particular, but I don’t want to spoil). A well written, acted, and fun story that ties up the universe in an amazing way. But in reality, it just left me wanting more View Askew fun!






                         "I'm Jay...And This My Hetero Life-Mate, Silent Bob"

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