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Genre: Action. Horror.

Director: Kelsey Bollig.

Actors: Emma Pasarow. Kelsey Bollig. Cooper Alexander. 

Seen at the Dark Red Film Festival

"After a gruesome car accident, a young woman fights her mind's 3 levels of hell to survive."


Writer/Director Kelsey Bollig has skillfully transformed a personal tragedy into the sleek, exhilarating new short film Kickstart My Heart.


In the opening scene, an unnamed protagonist (Emma Pasarow) is struck by a car while out on a run. She awakens disoriented, seemingly in her own bed. The scene draws inspiration from the filmmaker's own real-life experience.

Next, our protagonist's enigmatic little brother, Richie (Cooper Alexander), guides her through a mysterious limbo. He tells her that there are no rules in this reality – it's hers to navigate and conquer.


From there, we encounter all sorts of creature assailants that stand in the way between life and death. The action unfolds like an adrenaline-fueled rush, plunging the audience into a surreal blend of horror and action. The atmosphere is charged with cool, up-tempo indie rock music that sets the mood perfectly – think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Shaun of the Dead.


The editing and sound design are top-notch and contribute to the stellar pacing. The performances all around, and even the fight choreography, are also fantastic.

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