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LARA'S REVIEWS [Active: 2022 to Present]

Film + TV Critic


Lara Kretler has East coast roots and West coast leanings, but currently lives happily between the two in Columbus, Ohio. She shares her life with her husband, their middle-schooler and a motley assortment of pets including a Goldendoodle, a Shorkie and a glorious tortoiseshell cat. A lifelong writer, she majored in English at Binghamton University and has been working in public relations ever since. She adores movies and – since the dawn of the golden age of television – truly great TV shows as well. From zombie flicks to family-friendly fare, Lara will watch it all and let you know if you should, too. Read more of her work at and follow her on X: @lewiscentermom

*3+ Year Old Reviews Have Been Removed

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