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Connor Petrey
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 Published: 03.02.22


Genre: Reality-TV. Romance. 

“Incredibly addictive, sweet and brutal all at the same time”

     RELEASE: 02.11.22

LOVE IS BLIND (2022) - season two (NETFLIX)


"Singles who want to be loved for who they are, rather than what they look like, have signed up for a less conventional approach to modern dating."


I must admit I was not among the many that were on the Love is Blind train last year – shows like The Circle and Too Hot to Handle got in the way because I figured it was just another reality competition show – but now after watching the first five episodes of season 2 I must admit I was wrong. Five episodes in without any prior knowledge of the happenings that transpired in the first season every episode through me for a loop and I was lovestruck by the couples love without physical applications and also torn up over the disheartening “yes” that some women gave to their male counterpart when he asked for her hand in marriage. 


I’m not exactly sure why I thought this, but I was sure that the entire season was going to take place within the pod setting featured in the first two episodes, but I was very wrong, heading from there to a resort getaway for the newly met engaged couples to truly get to know one another and then to real life before walking down the aisle only weeks after meeting one another for the first time. This smells like a recipe for drama and disaster and for some of the couples I am entirely positive that it will be but for others five episodes into their journey to matrimony and I’m rooting for them. 


Incredibly addictive, sweet and brutal all at the same time – Love is Blind has me smitten and wishing the next batch of episodes would just get here already. 


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