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 Published: 12.17.21


Genre: Comedy. 

“Continuation of the juvenile antics of MacGruber.”

     RELEASE: 12.15.21



"TV series based on the 'Saturday Night Live' sketch spoofing the hit 1980s action series 'MacGyver'."


In 2010, the world was rocked by the release of one of the most underrated, under-appreciated and under-watched comedy films of all time, MacGruber. Lead by the comedic mastery of Will Forte as the titular character (a parody of the iconic TV character, Macgyver), and filled to the brim with a supporting cast of comedic geniuses including Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and featuring Ryan Phillipe, MacGruber leaned so hard into it’s insanely irreverent comedy-style with over the top violence, gut-bustingly hilarious crude humour and a villain named Cunth (played by Val Kilmer), to make one of my personal favourite comedies of all time.


However, after failing to be appreciated by the masses, news of a sequel to the film lingered for 10 years, before Peacock swooped in and ordered an 8 episode long continuation of the juvenile antics of MacGruber.


Opening with a musical number from MacGruber’s dead wife, Casey, which catches audiences up with the events of the film, the comedic tones will definitely set the tone of what’s to come, giving the audience a chance to leave now, or embrace the weird. And believe me, if you embrace the weird, you’re in for a damn good time (with a hell of a lot of laughs in there). The James Bond parody-style of opening credits mixed with every actor playing their roles with the sincerity of a late 90s action film make MacGruber an incredibly enjoyable watch for long-time fans.


Will Forte and Kristen Wiig haven’t lost their touch as they give hilarious performances showcasing their ability to bounce off each other flawlessly and comedically. The brutal yet funny violence is still there, leaving you unsure whether to laugh or cringe at some of the gore. And the welcomed edition of Laurence Fishburne, Sam Elliot and Billy Zane add some credibility to what could be passed off as a throwaway dumb comedy.


The only flaw so far is that the episodes feel a little longer than they need to be. Setting up the story understandably takes time, but holding the momentum it starts with seems like it could be a challenge for 8 episodes, especially being a show that relies on a lot of fast paced jokes and visual gags to stay engaging.


Fans of MacGruber will easily fall back in love with the character and his wild antics. For new audiences, you may feel a little lost to start off as the rapid fire jokes often callback to previous MacGruber endeavours , but nevertheless, it’s an easy, hilarious show to stream this weekend!


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