Maze Runner: The Death Cure is an unexpected treat that swerved away from the written source material, but ultimately betters the choices of the sequel. The action is big and fun, just like the characters personalities. But most importantly, the story is a surprising home run for fans of the films, creating an excellent conclusion to the trilogy that the series deserved.


With severely lowered expectations due to the abomination that was The Scorch TrialsThe Death Cure completely threw me for a loop. It not only created a fun, action packed adventure, but gave a proper send off to the characters we grew to love in the original, and at times, in the sequel. The film impresses with improved characterization from the previous entry, stronger villains, and a storyline that is actually possible to follow.



Director Wes Ball directed the original Maze Runner and it’s horrendous sequel, but for The Death Cure he really picked up the slack for his last effort and made an extraordinarily fun popcorn flick. Sticking around for his third go with the series, it’s rare to have a director stay around for the entirety of the franchise nowadays, so respect goes out to him for returning and redeeming himself. From the pacing, to the advancement in characterization, and the lack of new unnecessary characters popping up every second, Wes Ball outdid himself by making this an outrageously fun and intense adventure film for fans of the series- both movies and books included.


After The Scorch Trials plot disaster, there was a lot to come back from with this storyline to properly conclude the series. Minus a few missteps with the very few minor characters that were added in, the script is a solid adventure film that doesn’t hang on to the exposition for the film’s entirety, like The Scorch Trials. I haven’t read the book version of this film, but after seeing this film and the overhaul of new ideas were put into the sequel movie, I don’t see a reason to. Sure things have changed, as I’m sure they do for most film adaptations, but the response seems nicer than what the sequel received, and that to me is a good sign of a nicely adapted screenplay.




Action packed and dramatically composed, the score treads slightly into a generic territory, but in the end comes out victorious. Which gives way to some powerfully moving segments of score that cause the emotions to just flow right out of you. Appropriately sentimental and thrilling all at the same time, the score works flawlessly in a majority of aspects.


The effects in The Last City are beautiful, glowing magnificently against the chaos surrounding the walls of WCKD headquarters. The Cranks’ (zombie-like beings) makeup is well utilized and appeared just enough to cause a stir, but not take away from the human characters. They provided a common goal, which was to keep from becoming one of them. The makeup of the developing virus was well executed as well, and left a strain on viewers as several favorites show signs of infection.






"They Think You're Worth Sacrificing To Find A Cure."

If I could describe the massive improvements from The Scorch Trials into a single word, it would be outstanding. However, this doesn’t quite relate into the enormous hatred toward the characters Teresa and Ava Paige, portrayed by Kaya Scodelario & Patricia Clarkson, who are still very much existent but are noticeably much more tame. Patricia Clarkson never rightly fit as the villain in the series and gave a performance that I personally found irritating throughout. The character of Teresa has always been the weakest character in the films, mainly because of her predictable betrayal and somewhat regret of capturing the survivors for WCKD.


Luckily though, Teresa is less annoying and more of a functioning asset of the team, although her quick betrayal instincts remain and are just as exhausting as before to watch. Walton Goggins is an excellent actor, giving life to many crazy villains throughout the years, but unfortunately in The Death Cure, he is severely underutilized and his character development is little to none, other than his desire to destroy WCKD. Last but not least, the notable surprise return of a favorite is a welcome addition, but in return comes a devastating death toll of many others.

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Written By Connor Petrey

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Published: 01.31.18


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