DISCLAIMER: There are *minor* spoilers in this review. If you don’t want to know any of the general plot plus some details in between, I suggest you watch and then come back!



“Seems Legit."

There's two completely separate sides of the coin you could land on with Medical Police. For fans of the Adult Swim show, Children's Hospital this show. Come as a pleasant surprise and delight as the original creators return to extend the goofy lore further. On the other side there are the non-fans and semi-fans, which I have to suggest watching Children's Hospital first and then maybe Medical Police.  If you hate Children's Hospital, you certainly won't find salvation here. 


As a giant fan of the original show Children's Hospital, Medical Police is off to a fantastic start. From the start we are reunited with a majority of the cast from Children's Hospital and the hospital in which they work. As a short (but longer than the original series) 20-25 minutes an episode we are given in the pilot ten(ish) minutes of Children's Hospital before being introduced to new characters and having Lola Spratt (Erinn Hayes) and Owen Maestro (Rob Huebel) become our major leads. 


The two work well together (similar to their awkward companionship in Children's Hospital) and while the latter half dips in quality due to the sudden disposal of the rest of the cast for a duo investigative parody based around a bio-terrorism/save the world plot that functions but doesn't excel in hilarity - to be honest it's just an overall sharp turn to take from it's predecessor. 


As a Netflix original series you can binge these in a matter of five hours and while usually I reflect on how the show may turn out beyond this initial episode, I can already say that the show as of the fourth episode is a faithful sequel to the humor found in Children's Hospital. A sharply funny reboot/sequel to the Children's Hospital formula and while I would have rather seen more episodes of Children's Hospital instead… this will do. 


Last thing I will say about Medical Police is that the series seems to take more interest in pursuing action and the filmmakers involved unfortunately can't deliver on that aspect of the show. The fight sequences are clunky at best and serve as a lengthening of the runtime more than anything. The comedy at times is A+ material but the action is long, boring and completely unnecessary.



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