It’s incredible to reflect back on the Mission: Impossible film franchise and realize just how long it’s been going on for. The original Mission: Impossible was released back in 1996, the year I was born. That makes this not only the sixth film in the Mission: Impossible franchise, but also a series that started and has survived the entire length of my lifetime thus far.



My Oh My, does Christopher McQuarrie have a gift. With this being his fourth directing effort, it’s a marvelous showcase of the director’s talents. Especially with Rogue Nation being his last feature, it’s impressive to see a follow up so stunning and easily surpassing his first effort in every way. The cinematography is what makes the film, with every shot being beautifully executed, it makes you question why more films are not shot this wonderfully. The direction doesn’t feel like it’s coming from a 2018 release, instead it feels like a film that is willing to take risks yet be simple, one resembling those of the older espionage films. Even retracting some of the canon left behind by the previous films, creating new and improved details in their place. For non-fans of the series, this is one to watch just to see all the visuals. I know this is direction and not visuals but without them, the intense scenes just wouldn’t be as mesmerizing. A motorcycle scene comes to mind more than anything and it looks thrilling, shocking, as well as very dangerous to even film, it’s one of the many scenes to marvel over.


Twists and turns galore, this mission if Ethan chooses to accept, is an exceptional sequel that is so impressively fine tuned with every second of the script, that it is almost impossible to believe just how great and intriguing this sixth entry is. The script is filled with creative narrative twists that will surprise and puzzle you with every turn. Fallout goes a much more comprehensive and thought out way than I would of ever expected, it’s a classic espionage style spy thriller but escalated to a massive scale. Several times through the direction and the writing, my mouth was ajar in amazement that the film actually took the steps that it did, it’s a very unpredictable film in it’s majority.


A new movie, a new impossible mission for Ethan Hunt to risk everything to complete. Oh, it’s always great to see Cruise reprise his role as Hunt and somehow after six movies he still exerts the same amount of energy for the character that he did way back in ‘96. The side characters including Pegg’s Benji and Rhames’ Luther remain just as lovable as the first time they appeared on screen with Hunt. When a threat impacts them or any of the others, too numerous to name, you feel the threat just as if it were happening only to the main character, because in truth they are all the main character in their own unique way. It’s needless to say that the acting was top notch. Truly one of the best acting performances from everyone involved, period. This is especially true for Henry Cavill’s character, who risked his career as the ‘man of steel’ to put on the mustache and become a spy. Which in my humble opinion was completely worth the risk and reward of a wonderful action film.



Of course there’s always the iconic Mission: Impossible score to pull from the series, as it is something that everyone recognizes and it’s undeniable how thrilling the score remains 22 years later (even longer if you include the classic ‘66 series). Just like the makeup, the action really comes through magnificently in the film’s sound design, making every fight, every gunshot, and every crash seem like something that is impactful.


This film is gorgeous, it is wonderfully shot and the cinematography is just out of this world. The action set pieces are effectively utilized and have even more punch with the brutally realistic makeup. Every shot is created with such passion for the art and the final product, giving the action even more effect with every perfectly executed stunt. The facial makeup, whether it be the transition between changing faces of actors or the bruising of a certain actor getting out of a fight, it is undeniably remarkable and one to be applauded.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout from start to finish is a remarkable film that strives to be one of the best; if not the very best in the M:I franchise. Ethan Hunt and his team are just as great as they once were, while also leaving the door open for more adventures with the now iconic team.






                            "Fate Whispers To The Warrior."

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Published: 07.14.18


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