Ready Player One is an enormously fun fantasy adventure loaded with tons of heart from the legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg. Filled to capacity with immersive special effects and motion capture, the world of the Oasis is the definitive experience for any fantasy lover out there, especially those who adore pop culture.



When Steven Spielberg took on this epic sci-fi adventure based on the Best Selling Novel of the same name, I had my worries. Luckily, Spielberg brings a large amount of charm and intrigue into every project he takes on. Ready Player One brings to life the same amount of wonder that only Spielberg’s early work could ever create. Bringing to life the world of the Oasis (the VR World) was a challenging task and he did it flawlessly. I was completely immersed the entire time with Ready Player One's beautiful direction, with every CGI shot being thoughtfully crafted. Spielberg's direction is not even in question for this remarkable adventure.


Tye Sheridan is Wade, a teenager in a world that has made technology the only way to live, who stumbles upon a game-changing competition that was embedded into the world of the Oasis. The Oasis being a creation by a technological genius who passed away before his time, where anyone can enter this VR world and do practically anything they set their minds to. As Wade’s character Parzival becomes heavily involved with the competition to win an extraordinary prize, him, along with his online associates, must defend themselves from the enemies in the game, along with those looking to achieve reign from the outside. The film is full of pop culture easter eggs, which gives reason to appreciate every moment of the runtime for true fans appreciative of these references. This adaptation seems to be relatively true to its source, with plenty of leniency - and captures the sci-fi fun that this sharp piece of entertainment should possess just for having the name “Steven Spielberg” attached.


Parzival, Art3mis, Aech and several other discreet characters are the significant players in the story of “Ready Player One” as they embark on completing the mysterious challenge left behind by Halliday, the creator of the Oasis. The digital versions of those three actors are fantastic in their respective roles, however when placed into the real world, they lose a small amount of steam. But, they luckily spend a majority of the film in their digital forms. The motion capture performances are fantastic, never letting up that this isn’t the real world, and perfectly capturing the beauty that is the design of the characters. The villains played by Ben Mendelsohn and T.J. Miller are formed off of pure cartoonish energy. Although this is initially off putting, the more screen time the characters have, the more goofy fun they start to represent.



Back to the Future composer Alan Silvestri brings his absolute A-game to this Blockbuster with a tremendous score that takes inspiration from his earlier work, while creating a new work of art that can be listened to in its own right. Little hints ar incorporated here and there from several other pop culture scores that the famous composer has done throughout the years, such as Back to the Future, Predator, and Forrest Gump. Silvestri’s score brings a childlike wonder to everything happening on screen, bringing the film to a whole new level of beauty beyond its direction and special effects. As the credits roll and Hall & Oates “You Make My Dreams” started playing, it gives you a moment to absorb the wonderful choices made in the film in the audio side of things. Capturing the triumph, the defeat, and the challenge of getting through the Oasis in something as elegant as an Orchestra-composed throwback to the films of old.


Ready Player One is built upon the foundation of brilliantly crafted CGI and motion capture technology that is beyond anything that has been seen before. The Oasis is the primary location which is capable of creating worlds of opportunity and is made with the perfection that is the marvelous work of the Special Effects team. Ready Player One wouldn’t be anything without its art direction and creative team working alongside Spielberg. In some way, that’s the only issue. The effects are so immersive and wonderful that anything that takes place out of the Oasis is simply just not as effective.






"She Wanted To Go Dancing, So We Watched A Movie."

Ready Player One is an epic trip down memory lane, with its excellent performances (notably Mark Rylance in yet another fantastic role), nostalgic score, and phenomenal special effects that are just out of this world. The film is hindered by a few minor campy elements spread throughout, along with a few ‘out of the Oasis’ moments that slow the pacing down, but these are easily ignored when compared to the level of immersion Spielberg has accomplished with the Oasis.

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Written By Connor Petrey

Published: 03.29.18

Ediited By McKayla Hockett

    MPAA: PG-13

Release: 03.29.18

Genre: Adventure. Action. Sci-Fi.