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RYE LANE (2023)

Release Date: 03/31/23 [Sundance Film Festival '23] 
Genre: Comedy. Drama. Romance.

Studio: Searchlight Pictures

"Two youngsters reeling from bad breakups who connect over an eventful day in South-London." 


Raine Allen Miller’s Rye Lane is a British dramedy that should be more charming than it is. A great pair of actors playing strangers who come together by happenstance to get over one another’s exes. Dom (David Jonsson) and Yas (Vivin Oparah) have phenomenal chemistry from the first time the two set foot on screen together and that doesn’t seize for an instant during the film’s run. However, even though the two leads have immense chemistry doesn’t mean the script surrounding them will match and that is in fact the case here. 


While the final product has its cute and charming scenarios, there are plenty of missed opportunities to better assist the audience in rooting for their proposed love story. The two seem like good friends by the film’s close and to say it’s gone farther is a stretch. Rye Lane has its quirks to it, with instances of the city of London living their lives around their singular story. It’s in the Rye Lane’s writing that the film lacks, while the direction brings the city to life. 


Rye Lane is a one-way ticket to a story of a blossoming friendship, it’s not a story that will enforce nor motivate a return visit, as while this manages to be a fascinating night on the town to reinvent oneself, it’s not something the world hasn’t seen once or twice before. Chuckles will be had, smiles will be formed and by the end of the film you’ll wish these two the best in their future. 

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