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Movie Review


 Published: 12.15.20

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Juli Horsford
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          MPAA: R

        Genre: Comedy. Romance. Drama.

Silverstone shines as the unpredictable and oftentimes very relatable Audrey

     RELEASE: 12.18.20

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This romantic comedy with Alicia Silverstone definitely caught my attention. If she’s not forever in your heart for her role in Clueless I’m not sure what’s wrong with you. I was eager to see her in a starring role again and the premise of Sister of the Groom looked like a good vehicle for her to kill it.


This is director Amy Miller Gross’ second feature film. Her first came in 2018 and was titled Accommodations. She seriously upped her game with her second film, snagging some bigger stars to help bring the movie to life. Miller Gross doesn’t exactly nail her second feature film. She wrote and directed Sister of the Groom and on the surface she didn’t make any disastrous moves directing-wise. However, there isn’t a lot to mull over with this effort. It’s fairly straightforward with very little risks. She follows the typical romantic comedy formula and comes out with a movie that is sub-par.


Twenty something Cassie was a college student on the road to success when a personal tragedy completely set her back. Now living with her parents, she works at a coffee shop with a little side project to fill her time. When a figure from her past shows up, she revisits her trauma to seek out some long overdue revenge. 


The story focuses on the inner workings of being a woman while telling the tale of one so determined to get people to see what she sees, no matter what it takes. It’s so ruthlessly honest that it allows the film to take its time when it needs to. Like I said before, there are many things folks just won’t pick up on if they haven’t been in certain situations. It’s woven into the dialogue and character action that these might not always feel like part of the plot, but it all culminates into one big mural of shared experience. This story is important to tell because it doesn’t dwell on the worry of being “too much.” It’s laid out for you to either accept it or not.


The best part of this movie is Alicia Silverstone as she gives a funny and heartfelt performance as Audrey. She alternates between being sweet and being downright nuts and Silverstone pulls it off handily. The issue here is not in any one actor's abilities (they all give fine performances), but the material they are given to work with. The plot is too jagged and there isn’t enough character development or cohesiveness to really get a sense of who each character is. Plot points are dropped haphazardly, like when it’s revealed that Clemence got an abortion without telling Liam. It all feels a bit forced but the acting performances themselves are perfectly average.


The make-up and design were both extraordinarily generic. There was some beautiful scenery since the movie is supposed to take place in the Hamptons. There were even some gorgeous set design pieces as Audrey is supposed to be an architect. However, there isn’t a whole lot to chew on with these elements.


The music is often provided by a guitar toting member of the wedding party and it is pleasantly mediocre. There aren’t too many memorable moments of song or music apart from an acoustic rendition of 'This I Promise You' by N’Sync. It is actually a surprisingly sweet cover sung by the bride to the groom at the wedding reception. Other than that, the music doesn’t make much of an impact.


Sister of the Groom wanted to give you a zany and wild ninety minute ride. However, the plot was too disjointed and the characters were never fully developed enough to have the impact that Miller Gross hoped it would. It’s not necessarily a bad movie, just not one that you’ll laugh at and want to watch again. Silverstone shines as the unpredictable and oftentimes very relatable Audrey and proves that she can carry a movie. If only this movie was worthy of her talent.

SISTER OF THE GROOM releases In Theaters & VOD - December 18th 2020






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