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MAY. 27. 2021.

BLURAY/DVD Review: 'Son' (2021) | CRPWrites


What is this movie? Just fifteen minutes in and Son is littered with jump scares and mysterious noises. The movie is packed like a full blown sprint. The opening scene itself is a puzzle that could have been better solved with the featured deleted scenes on the DVD release. 


Son is a wild ride that never lets the characters develop. These characters are empty husks - just one happens to be possessed by some kind of unknown inhabitant. Laura, our lead, is a fascinating character that seems to make all the wrong decisions in order to keep her son "safe.”


Ultimately, I think I hated every single character even more with each new scene. Everyone is shouting or whispering and it seems to never just be a normal conversation. To better explain the uneven dynamic between characters, early on Laura's son falls incredibly ill and is hospitalized. The kid has been sick for merely a single day and the doctors don't know what's causing it, but the mom says that he can go if he has to, meaning she's okay with her son dying with little time between him being sick and this line being delivered. What makes matters worse is that the child actor is unfortunately not a great actor, but his awkward delivery does have its creepy notions which assists in a few scenes. 


The sound design is something else. The score is hard on the ears and is way too much all the time. With everything pieced together and ending with an absolutely bizarre conclusion, it makes Son the biggest WTF movie of 2021 so far. Even so, you should probably skip this questionable horror, especially the physical release, because there's nothing worthwhile on the special features to explain what makes this film so relentlessly paced.

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