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OCTOBER. 26. 2021.

BLURAY Review: 'Stillwater' (2021) | CRPWrites




Featuring All-New Exclusive Bonus Content, the Gripping Suspense Film Starring Matt Damon, Camille Cottin and Abigail Breslin, and From Oscar Winning Director Tom McCarthy is Available to Own for the First Time. 


I went into Stillwater relatively blind, as I try to do more often these days to get the most out of my experience. So here are my thoughts on the film… it’s a somber tale of a father attempting to get his daughter out of prison for a crime he believes she is wrongly accused of doing. From the poster, it’s impossible to distinguish what the plot is about without a trailer or synopsis. This is a story that is loosely based on a true case that has garnered quite a bit of controversy from the accused - from an original point of view the film pulls at your heartstrings and tests you to stick it out to the end of this father’s attempts to free his daughter. It’s thrilling, depressing and bitter - don’t expect an action film - this isn’t Taken. Matt Damon delivers a relatively settled performance, only letting his emotions leak out at certain crucial times - this might seem like a fault of the film but it actually gives the character a shielded personality that leaves you curious about what secrets are being hidden away. 


Abigail Breslin takes on the role of the imprisoned daughter and her minor role in the film deserves some recognition - it’s been a minute since her last big screen appearance and it’s nice to see her in a more grown-up role. While we catch several small meetings between Damon’s Bill Baker and Breslin’s Allison, we are mainly witnessing Bill take his own steps to try to solve her case. It can at times be a tense experience and can really drive at your nerves but it’s also comforting to root for this father in his efforts as he only has pure intentions. A driving force around his investigation is his relationship with a little girl and woman that he happened upon one night at a hotel and quickly connected with - as friends. This is what we see a majority of the film being taken up with while the case grows colder and colder and while these moments are pleasant, you can’t help but wait for Bill to implode everything good he has. 


A true downfall of the film however is it’s extensive runtime that runs a tad longer than it needs to be but it’s dower conclusion leaves you with mixed emotions as you know the final product is immersive and captivating but the ending may not play out exactly the way you want them to go. 


As a film this is one that crime solvers and people that love watching the crime investigation shows on television should seek out. Damon gives a surprising performance that takes a minute to get accustomed to but once you do you just see Bill and not Matt Damon applying an accent. For most this is a definite rental but for those looking for an extensive array of extras this may not be the film for you to dive deeper into, even though it does feature three special features: 


  • An Alchemy of Viewpoints 

  • An American in Marseilles: The Locations of Stillwater 

  • With Curiosity & Compassion: Director Tom McCarthy 


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