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21 JUMP STREET arrived in the spring of 2012 and to many people's surprise was absolutely hilarious, clever and paid proper respect to the source television series (including cameos from original members of the cast). The shocking success of the revival film sparked a sequel that is arguably even better written and more sharp than the original. It also went on to make 331.3 million dollars at the international box office against a budget of 84 million. That was a huge increase from the original's gross of 201.5 million against a budget of 55 million dollars. So when you have two films in a series that make absolute bank at the box office and garner enormous critical  acclaim, where do you go from there?


Plan another sequel.


22 JUMP STREET was released on June 4th, 2014 and in a matter of months Sony planned a third film in the JUMP STREET franchise, aptly titled 23 JUMP STREET. Unfortunately soon after, the production grew cold with Channing Tatum unsure if a sequel would actually happen, stating, "I don't know if that joke works three times, so we'll see."


Then something happened, Sony had it's emails leaked to the public revealing a bizarre pairing: JUMP STREET and MEN IN BLACK. Originally a rumor based on a series of emails but soon Lord and Miller confirmed it was a reality at Don't and that they would not be back to direct the film. As things started rushing forward after the leak, Sony officially announced FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS co-creator, James Bobin was set to direct the follow up. Fans if the idea of a third JUMP STREET film were instantly given little to get excited about as all plans for a proper JUMP STREET sequel were eliminated for a gimmick (MIB23).


Not a lot is known about what MIB23 would have been besides a rumored premise that would have seen Jenko and Schmidt getting recruited by the MIB. However what was actually known was that it was going to be incredibly difficult to get Tatum and Hill back for this unique concept and MIB favorites Smith and Jones were confirmed to not be making a comeback. Years went by with no word on the progress of the production, until producer Walter Parkes confirmed during an interview in 2019 that the crossover was no longer happening: "We have it a shot. It turned out to be an impossible mash-up." 


Fortunately for fans, MIB23 was almost entirely forgotten and fans of the two films have been given occasional hints of a future sequel from Lord and Miller over the years. Most recently in 2019, Lord stated that a film is in early development, calling the sequel 24 JUMP STREET.


Beyond the forgotten MIB23 and a possible future for 24 JUMP STREET, Sony had made plans for a female centric JUMP STREET film in 2015 that even managed to sign Tiffany Haddish in 2018 to lead the film, only to disappear into the abyss of production hell. Reflecting on the situation, after a disastrous 2019 reboot, MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL and six years since the release of the last JUMP STREET film it's difficult to say if anything will come of either franchise for a long time - but it certainly isn't looking good  for more Jenko and Schmidt.

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  MARCH. 12TH. 2020.