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STUCK (2022)

Genre: Horror

Studio: 56K Productions

"Sophia is a fearful young woman who accidentally lets a demonic entity loose while moving to her new house. She has to face the malevolent entity who reflects her personal struggle with insecurity."


Short films, by their own definition, have a limited opportunity to present a story. A character must be introduced with proper exposition in order for that character to interact, or simply react, to their set environment. Done correctly, these events resonate with the viewer in order to promote a quick – and sometimes lasting - response. Done well, and that idea can become, well, stuck.  

Stuck, written and directed by Arturo David Roncone, introduces Sophia, a timid woman starting a new journey: a new partner, a new house. Yet instead of eagerly anticipating the future ahead, Sophia (Ianua Coeli Linhart) remains in the fearful present. Consigned to cleaning out the attic in simple clothes with a default iPhone screen, she is stuck.  

Until she sees the box. A spotlight rests on it, pushing it out of the dark walls. This is different. Tempting, even. But the locks wrapping it have another connotation: containment. And sure enough, hidden within, is a demon; who is also stuck. 

This shadowy denizen (Emanuele Di Simone wearing an impressively ghoulish wardrobe) might be trapped with hot spells and cold iron but is most certainly stuck in its ways. After all, even if liberty is provided, there are souls to collect.  

Roncone beautifully hints and teases for the right amount of time in this perfect-length short film. The demon is a whisper; Sophia is slight and unsure. Then, both become engaged as Sophia’s anxiety turns into curiosity; and as the demon seeks freedom. Roncone projects fears, both human and supernatural, into a quick-paced horror short that screams for more. While the creature lusts and Sophia inwardly turns to self-preservation, Roncone amazingly makes sure that his viewer… remains stuck.  

Stuck is a great, fun entry into the world of suspense and horror. Roncone takes a well-told story by its forked tail and makes it heavenly unique. That is saying a lot from something short.

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