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Final Season [Premiere]

Aired On: HBO / Max

Release Date: 03/26/23
Comedy. Drama.

"The Roy family is known for controlling the biggest media and entertainment company in the world. However, their world changes when their father steps down from the company."


After the devastating and metaphorically bloody season 3 finale of the Emmy winning show, the Roys are back to sharpen their knives for an all out war. Just a few weeks before tonight's premiere, showrunner Jesse Armstrong announced that this season will be the Succession's last. Starting off the final hoorah is "The Munsters," where we find Logan on his birthday, days before a major deal, and his kids are talking to make a big move against him. It's a classic Succession set up, but we've never had something quite like this: all the siblings are going against their father together now. It's one thing that this show was inevitably leading up to, and seeing it all play out felt like watching a staple episode playout right before my very eyes.


The show's knockout cast continues to impress in all corners here. From Nicholas Braun's slimy evolution of the awkward Cousin Greg, to Brian Cox's gravitational Logan Roy, this continues to be a powerhouse of a cast. Seeing as this is the ensemble's coup de grace, we can only expect even higher series heights in this final hoorah. One of the more interesting aspects about this season is that it now has these siblings working together, so we have a new dynamic between Shiv, Kendall, and Roman (Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin, and Jeremy Strong) with these siblings figuring out how to actually work together. We all know how siblings can be, so this will be a challenge for all three of them. The chemistry between the three is just absolutely electric. Three seasons leading up to this, it just feels like their dynamic is key to this season getting on a high-speed train in its momentum. Not to mention Shiv's now troubled relationship with her husband, Tom, played by Matthew Macfadyen. Season 3's finale left a lot of bloodshed, and Shiv and Tom are still picking up the pieces. Seeing where this broken relationship ends up is also a thing to ponder on as they really lay in the ruin of their dying love.


Of course we have to mention Brian Cox, who holds power over almost every frame he's in. In this episode, he's a man of few words, but his gravitas still follows him wherever he goes. He finds people always coming to him, even Cousin Greg's random dates, and everyone just annoys him. He has a brilliant scene in this episode with Colin, his bodyguard played by Scott Nicholson, where Logan talks about just exactly how he sees people. The show's central enigma just becomes so much more complicated, and Brian Cox's performance just makes this character even more of an eye magnet. Logan has his eyes everywhere. He always has a move up his sleeve.


So, with the end of season 4, we expect an even bloodier path for the Roy family. The siblings end the episode with the upper hand, but where can it go from here? I can only expect this season to be this show at its most emotionally nasty, crude, awkward, and explosive in the department of Roy family drama, and this final stretch could possibly be some of the best hours in television history. Bring it on Jesse Armstrong.

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