After a rough couple minutes in the opening, Super Troopers 2 picked up speed and got back to the hilarious humor we are all so familiar with from the original 2001 cult comedy. With surprising performances that I hadn't expected, “Super Troopers 2” keeps the surprises coming throughout the entire runtime. While not matching up to the original’s originality, this sequel is about as good of a follow up as I was hoping for. Not a Zoolander 2 bust for sure, but not a 22 Jump Street giant either... Super Troopers 2 falls somewhere in between.



Broken Lizard has always had a great collaboration effort behind the scenes, making jokes work and set pieces flow. The direction during the jokes is well shot just like the original, and possibly even better. However, when action does occur, the direction is a little more questionable. Broken Lizard films rely heavily on the writing / improv of the cast members over the direction, as every entry (besides action moments) is handled incredibly well.


The beginning of the film was a little bit unsettling, as it started oddly and with a cameo -- hoping this would not be a cameo overload of a film (Talking to You, Entourage). Luckily the film is not a cameo fest and instead uses the few at their disposal wisely, and once the characters resume their similar roles to the previous entry, things start to flow. However, some of the jokes that are clearly improv, whether it be from Farva or Rabbit, are missteps that just do not work. Ultimately though, these flops only happen very occasionally. Most of the humor hits genuinely and effectively, giving the audience a reason to keep a smile planted on their face. The story is eerily similar to the original, but with a twist (which the film pokes fun at). This really being the only big fault of the film besides a few over the top Canadian jokes that just don’t quite hit the mark.


All of the main actors reprise their roles respectively and bring us back to the world of Super Troopers, but with a twist...they’re in Canada. For the most part, the main cast plays off of one another flawlessly. As a fan of the first, it’s just great to see these characters back in action and with some good material. The major faults start to appear with the lackluster supporting cast; this applies particularly to Emmanuelle Chriqui’s character Genevieve, who is completely onenote and thrown in only to become a love interest for one of the troopers. Several good performances in the supporting cast are present, such as all of the Mounties (Tyler Labine, Will Sasso, Hayes MacArthur) and Rob Lowe’s mayor, however their roles are incredibly minimal and should have been expanded upon.



Carrying on with the great score of the original feature, Super Troopers 2 expands on the nostalgia by recreating the significant music high points from the first. The characters’ over the top Canadian accents add an unexpected depth to a few Canadian jokes, and the few gun effects match up with the troopers’ weapons, blending well and not sounding unauthentic. If you listen closely to all the jokes, there is a reference to a classic song that is followed up in the credits by actually playing the named music. Since it's a wonderful song being referenced, it makes for a pleasant surprise.


While the special effects are minimal, when they do pop up, Super Troopers 2 relies on practical effects as far as the eye can see and blends them properly into the rest of the film. The new trooper (Mounty) station is solid and the final act location is simple, but competent enough to function for the purpose of the finale. The costume design remains unchanged and is as iconic as in the original 2001 cult classic, while adding a few more comically stereotypical ones along the way. One a side note, the moustaches are even better this time around.

Super Troopers 2 is a fine sequel brought about seventeen years after the original’s release, and manages to recapture a lot of the same charm, fun, and humor without a hitch. The few moments that are unclear are easily forgiven by the monumental laughs that happen around the few whiffs; just give the film a moment to breathe before deciding its fate early on. For fans of the original, this is certainly not one to miss.






"This Time, Everything Will Be By The Book. Everything."

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Written By Connor Petrey

Published: 04.19.18

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Genre: Comedy. Thriller. Crime.

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Release: 04.20.18