The Interview is a captivating eight minute short that makes for a great introduction of a possible character in a feature length horror/thriller. We begin the short within a diner, where we meet our supposed main character, Robert Stevens. Stevens is a man desperate for a job of any sort and ready to latch onto an opportunity. His interviewer, Joseph Green, whom he is there to meet has a similar idea of an opportunity he would like to latch onto.


After a quick, witty back and forth between the pair, mainly from the impressive Green showcasing his acuity and pleasure to have Robert in his company, the film has a final moment of prosperity. Before it fades to instant darkness, we are welcomed to an idea, an ever expansive idea of where Joseph Green’s lengths may go.


A terrific performance is given by the two leads, Ashley Tabatabai and Scott Michael Wagstaff, however the direction leaves a bit to be desired. Even as little as a look outside the window could help give a much more real-world notion to the final product, instead of attaching a fascinating concept to an artificial setting with nothing on the outside. This is a small gripe, and one that viewers may not care or notice, but for me it distracted from the conversation occurring during the short time we have with Joseph and Robert.


Joseph Green is a character that can be built off of and explored in a feature with a grand idea to cap it off, as Tabatabai gives a performance reminiscent of Gyllenhaal’s in Nightcrawler: creepy, with hidden motives, and willing to do anything for content; an aspect that I absolutely loved, as you can’t go wrong with more mischievous, compelling characters in the world.


"So Why Are You Here?"

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Written By Connor Petrey

Published: 03.02.19


Ediited By McKayla Hockett

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      Genre: Mystery. Drama.