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THE BEAR (2023)

Season 2 

Aired On: Hulu

Release Date: 06/22/23 
Comedy. Drama.

"A young chef from the fine dining world returns to Chicago to run his family's sandwich shop."


One of the best surprises in the vast television landscape last year as well as the best series of the year was FX's The Bear. Our review last year stated the freshman series was a show that most likely wasn't on anybody's radar but unquestionably should be. The Bear went on to be one of the most talked-about series throughout 2022 and was picked up for a second season fairly quickly. Christopher Storers' surprise hit series returns just in time for summer, serving up its ten-episode course all at once for viewers to devour that will leave you both satisfied and craving more.


This season revolves around the tightly bonded crew that operated The Beef in the show's first season putting their blood sweat and tears into building a new and improved restaurant under the leadership of chefs Carmy and Sydney. The Bear introduces this season's obstacles and story almost immediately, as we see that Carmy is not very organized and dependable to do the tasks he's needed to do if they are to succeed as a new restaurant in the already crowded and competitive restaurant scene in the Chicago area. Carmys sister Natalie, better known as Sugar, is brought in and made project manager for this reason. Carmys lack of focus or follow through, regarding critical tasks such as calling the refrigerator guy to fix the latch on a walk-in fridge, is the driving force for the hurdles he finds before him. As the season progresses and issues come and go, the crew, which has become more of a family at this point, grows with it. 


One of the many thrilling aspects of The Bear is the focus, detail, and patience it has with developing its characters in a fulfilling way that also feels natural. The rich detail of the writing goes far but the performances by the series actors do the rest of the work. Jeremy Allen White delivers another stellar performance as Carmy, that displays just how comfortable and precise a grasp he has on the character. The rest of the cast doesn't lose a step either as the chemistry and relationships between the series characters develop; the superb performances all around help make those characters' storylines feel earned. A delicious surprise that season 2 of The Bear provides is Jamie Lee Curtis. Curtis as Donna Berzatto, mother to Carmen, Sugar, and Mikey is not only outstanding, it's one of the actresses' best performances ever. While only in two episodes, her performance in episode six titled Fishes, is one of her best. Fittingly, in one of the show's best episodes overall, revolving around a Berzatto family Christmas dinner years before the current events of the show. The way the episode slowly ramps up into chaos and unearths the trauma is brilliant. 

While The Bear arrived under the radar last year. This year it was anticipated and the pressure to be as good or better than the first season, either one is a difficult and remarkable feat to accomplish. The Bear's second season improves upon its established characters and their relationships and draws you in with its exceptional writing, magnetic performances, and rewarding story progression. Packed with genuine moments that are funny, heartfelt, difficult, and sad, making it easy to state that this season is better, and reinforcing its position as being one of the best television shows I have ever seen.

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