DISCLAIMER: There are *minor* spoilers in this review. If you don’t want to know any of the general plot plus some details in between, I suggest you watch and then come back!


 Episode ONE: “The Name of the Game"

“Translucent doesn’t even mean ‘invisible.’ It means ‘semi-transparent.’”



  • FINALLY! A show that isn’t afraid to get right to the point, and still have a great script! When Robin is killed by A-Train in an incredibly violent way almost immediately in the show, I knew I was in for some fucked up shit!

  • I love the concept of auditioning superheroes. A great introduction to Starlite!

  • That ending! What a way to keep the audience intrigued! I am super interested to see how far down the rabbit hole the Homelander storyline is going to go.



  • My biggest complaint in episode one is the fact that it takes place over a long period of time (I believe something like three weeks).

  • Hughie and Annie’s first meeting just didn’t do it for me. I see what they are trying to set up but it just didn’t work for me.

  • Chace Crawford didn’t work for me in this episode. And not because of his character, his acting just seems sub-par compared to others in the series. I hope it picks up over the next few episodes.


Deep Dive:

I actually struggled to find things to write about that I thought were spilled! This first episode hyped me up like crazy to finish the series! I am in love with all the characters and even the ones that I don’t like I still love to hate. The depiction of superheroes in a realistic world really makes you think and I think they did a fantastic job with it. Already interested in reading the comics! I am also very interested in how they deal with the sexual assault considering the ‘Me Too’ movement.


Episode Two: "Cherry" 

“I’m not a murderer.”



  • Homelanders descent into seemingly evil is still the most intriguing thing. He seems to be one of the most powerful supers there is and he does what he wants when he wants and I’m hoping he gets a strong arc as the series progresses - there’s a lot to work with there.

  • The new edition of ‘The Boys’ group, Frenchie, I very much enjoy! They are realistic, the acting is great, and the chemistry between them keeps things very interesting. 

  • Hughie stepping up and killing Translucent at the end had my jaw dropping! I am loving Hugie’s character arc!



  • The breast milk scene - I see why it’s there but it felt very strange to watch (and that could be due to it not being mainstream to see breast milk). I hope we get further explanation for why Homelander is the way he is. But the dialogue in this scene felt super unnatural and forced.

  • Incredibly frustrated about Annie being a real hero and getting shit all over for it.

  • Who the fuck is Butcher?! Why does he care?!


Episode Three: "Get Some" 

“We’ll cross that bridge when we burn it”



  • This show really is a slow burn. They are still going through backstories and explaining things to the audience about characters we met in episode one. And I fucking love it! I love shows that take their time, tease their audience, make me want to come back for more.

  • Butcher vs Homelander?! What’s this all about!!!

  • I like the addition of this ‘Compound V’ as ‘steroids for superheroes’ and am incredibly intrigued to see where that’s going to go.



  • Popclaw and A-Team’s relationship bores me, I don’t feel bad for either one of them they just both appear to be bad people.

  • When Popclaw accidently killed her landlord I just couldn’t help but laugh and struggle to take the scene seriously. I mean really, she rode his face too hard. 

  • I want more focus on Maeve and Black Noir. The two characters who intrigues me the most and I feel are getting little to no attention.


Episode Four: "The Female of the Species"

“That’s all right. I am”



  • I like Hughie’s drive to stop A-Train. Starlite is a wonderful girl who is genuinely interested in him but he is still willing to bug her phone and do what needs to be done - obviously this might seem like he’s a dick but if we recall his girlfriend hasn’t been dead a month yet. His reaction totally makes sense in my eyes and makes Hughie a fuller character for me.

  • I see Frenchie seems to have a thing for the Female and I totally support this! Very excited to see where their relationship goes from here.



  • Why are the writers trying to make us feel bad for A-Train and The Deep like they aren’t two pretty awful people. I understand trying to fully carve out a character but I wouldn’t expect a writer to make such a move until at least end of season one or mid-season two. I still haven’t gotten over Robin’s death or Starlite’s awful encounter with The Deep.

  • The Deep’s scene where he tries to save the dolphin was fucking hilarious but so strange I need to see where this goes before I decide how to actually feel about it.

  • A bowling alley was a strange choice for their date, I wish just for the sake of set design it was elsewhere. Or even a place Annie could show her skills, her awkward attempt to be worse at bowling did not work for me.

Episode FIVE: “Good for the Soul"

“You are a miracle.”



  • Anthony Starr continues to amaze me as Homelander! I get excited every single time he comes on screen.

  • I loved that twist about supers being made in a lab - not born that way or dropped into a vat of acid. Great twist, perfectly timed in the series in my opinion, and a way to keep the audience intrigued.

  • THE ENDING! I need more scenes with the Female.



  • The scene where Annie is speaking to the teenagers about premarital sex felt so unreal to me - the leader trying to make Annie lie. Personally, I’ve never been to any religious camps or anything similar to that so I don’t know how likely this would be but at least in my head that feels far fetched.

  • A-Train killing Popclaw with an overdose of heroin felt extreme. It didn’t bother me to visually see but it is just so out of place in the series. I would’ve preferred something a little more violent.

  • Again, another Stillwell and Homelander scene bugs me. This time though because they wouldn’t go far enough in my opinion. As we know from previous episodes, obviously they have some Mother-Son sexual relationship going on. The show doesn’t seem to hide anything except this. They just like to hint at it when she shoves her fingers into his mouth rather than breastfeed him. Just fucking do it, I’d rather see what’s truly going on between them and since the writers don’t seem to hide anything else in the show, why try to dumb that down? Make us uncomfortable, make us see how fucked up Homelander’s past is. 

Episode SIX: “The Innocents”



  • Finally get to find out Butchers backstory - and it’s a sad one. But I’m glad we finally get some deep acting from Urban (I have loved his acting throughout, I just felt he needed more dramatic scenes).

  • Maeve having a relationship with another woman finally gives me that bit of background on Maeve that I wanted! I want to learn more about her relationship with this woman.

  • Homelander touring his ‘family home’ was a great scene, amazing acting, super well written. I am desperate at this point to learn about his past.



  • Haley Joel Osment is a strange choice in my opinion and I didn’t like him or his character.

  • I hate Tara Reid.

  • Fuck Mesmer too for that ending.


Episode SEVEN: “The Self-Preservation Society”



  • I like the addition of Grace Mallory. It’s cool that an eldery lady brought the boys together haha I love the badass character - sorta reminds me of Helen Mirren in Red.

  • Again, Homelander blows me away in this episode! The Seven all meeting and blaming Annie for what happened was amazing on Homelander’s part but also on Maeve’s! Some of the best acting I’ve seen all season!

  • Butcher’s fall into insanity in this episode was amazing for me. Killing Mesmer was a violent, dark turn for Butcher but Karl Urban fucking owned that scene and I’m incredibly intrigued to see where this violent version of Butcher is going to go moving forward.



  • The kid that belongs to Homelander - obviously that kid has to be alive, right? Also on that note, they are shocked to learn the baby ripped Butcher’s wife apart. There’s no way she’s the first person to have a supers baby?

  • If all supers aren’t actually born but created, what happens when a super has kids? If Homelanders kid is alive, why aren’t they talking about it more? Will they actually have powers? I feel like they might not explain this enough or try to avoid discussing it at all.

  • A-Train making Hughie come home for his dad was a pretty weak scene for me. I felt like it was honestly one of the lowest of the season and I think it mainly has to do with A-Train’s reasoning - it’s too weak.

Episode EIGHT: “You Found Me”  




  • Homelander going full evil was amazing - he has absolutely no care for killing Stillwell. This is the level I have always wanted villains to get to in superhero shows/movies - which we couldn’t before due to most receiving a PG-13 rating.

  • I loved Hughie’s plan to escape! I like seeing him become more confident and cool!.  



  • Annie talking to her mom was a little boring to me. I see the necessity for Annie’s character but I checked the clock every minute of that scene.

  • I was pretty disappointed in the fight between Starlite and A-Train.

  • Also disappointed in Hughie’s decision to save A-Train. I was enjoying his attitude prior to this - where’s the guy who had no problem killing Translucent?


Season Thoughts:| FULL: 6, HALF: 2, SPILLED: 0 | VERDICT: FULL


Wow! I was blown away by how great this show was! Great acting, great story, lots of cool characters to watch - there isn’t much to dislike about this show! My biggest gripe is with the writing, sometimes it just felt the writers didn’t know what to do. But otherwise, Karl Urban and Anthony Starr are fucking incredible in their roles. If you enjoy superheroes movies at all you have to at least give this a try! Definitely looking forward to the next season impatiently.

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