The Doctors of Doctor Who

DOCTOR WHO is one of those shows that was huge back in its prime, speaking particularly for the original series that ran from 1963 to 1989 before being cancelled. The show went into hibernation until the 1996 DOCTOR WHO made for tv movie that was meant to bring the show back but sadly failed to do so. Then in 2005 Russell T. Davies managed to resurrect the series with Christopher Eccelston in the role of The Doctor. DOCTOR WHO did something that no other show has done they acted like nothing happened, fans of the original series could have fun with this almost direct continuation and newcomers could start absolutely fresh. The reborn show has been on for 12 seasons now and through 5 different Doctors. So Let's Rank Them!




Yes, I know he deserves credit for starting the series and giving us the later iteration of the character by deciding to leave the show after just one season. Let’s be honest. He’s not the best. Have you gone back and watched the original season of DOCTOR WHO? The humor is completely off and the tone of the show is incredibly dark, it’s not until season two after the first episode that the light hearted humor we all know and love kicked in. While you could say that it’s not Eccleston’s fault for the way the show was written and shot, he chose to be in the property and his portrayal of The Doctor has hardly any memorable moments - however he’s where I started my Doctor Who adventure and hot me to use “Fantastic” way more often in my vocabulary.



To be fair, Jodie Whitaker is The Doctor that I’ve watched the least amount of, not that I don’t like her, just in the fact that I don’t have BBC America to watch the show as it airs. She’s good, I had faith in her ever since I saw her brilliant performance in the first two seasons of Broadchurch. People are way too hard on her and while the writing doesn’t always make the most of her talent, she seems to make the best of the situation. This is one that still has time to move up or down the list and is merely here because as of this typing, she's just not as memorable or impactful as the other three further along this list.



Let’s get this out of the way immediately, when The Doctor became a grumpy old man, I was not for it. However after the premiere and taking literally months away from the series, I started to truly enjoy his portrayal of the time lord; it just took him a few episodes beyond the premiere to come into his own. The show has a clever way of doing that, where during the regeneration process the personality traits are still coming together so basically it gives the actor time to find themselves within the character. While not as great as Matt Smith’s portrayal of the character, he gave it his absolute all and when it was time to see him go, tears did build up in my sockets for the final goodbye.




Matt Smith was a drastic change from Tennant but he’s also the only Doctor that me into their performance from the start with his iconic line, “I’m Still Not Ginger.” (Hopefully One Day). Amping up the horror element of the show with Stephen Moffat’s entry into the show, taking over for former showrunner and creator Russell T. Davies, it shouldn’t have worked… yet it did. Incredible writing (which many people debate) helped create a thriving sci-fi adventure that encapsulated what people know and love about Doctor Who plus a bit darker tone. For many people the end of Matt Smith’s reign as The Doctor ended the show for them, and that’s just because the show is ever-changing and after Smith’s leave, the show would never quite measure up again.



Is there another television moment that’s struck a chord with so many - for many this was their first regeneration. A lot of fans of the show now, hadn’t seen Eccelston’s turn as the time lord and so to see Tennant give an emotional “I don’t want to go” was absolutely heartbreaking. Churning out some of the absolute best of the series, “Blink”, “Midnight” and “Turn Left”, his turn as the tenth Doctor was joyful, iconic, and just incredibly fun - Tennant is and forever will be The Doctor