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Release Date: 03/03/23 [Cinemas / VOD]
Genre: Comedy

Studio: Vertical Entertainment

"Jaclyn wants a baby. But after a messy divorce and fruitless years of online dating, she realizes she doesn't need a husband to become a mother. She and her best friends hatch a plan to get her pregnant at a very special party." 


If you like raunchy, funny, female-led comedies like Bridesmaids, I Feel Pretty or Senior Year, then you will love The Donor Party.


To enjoy this movie, though, you have to first be somewhat okay with the premise of a sperm heist – that is, a woman setting out to “steal” semen in order to get herself pregnant. If you can’t find that concept even remotely funny, then you might want to skip this one.


Obviously, stealing is wrong and consent is of critical importance in any sexual scenario – and these issues are ultimately addressed in the movie.


But at first it seems, in the words of one of The Donor Party’s characters, that a sperm heist “is the best worst idea” for lead Jaclyn, aptly played by the gorgeous and funny Malin Akerman. 


Jackie seemingly has everything going for her – a great job working for Jennifer Aniston, a terrific group of friends and she looks like a million bucks. Still, she is lonely and wants to become a mom. She fears that she has missed her chance or that time is running out too quickly to go the usual route to parenthood.


That’s when this trio of girlfriends pulls together the craziest, most wrong-headed scheme ever in order to help their bestie “hoe now, mom later.” 


There are some laugh-out-loud, chaotically funny moments here, some of which involve a Jeff Goldblum impersonator, a priceless comedic turn from Jerry O’Connell, the birth of a new catchphrase and possibly the freakiest “waterboarding” scene ever committed to film.


The entire cast does a terrific job and clearly had a lot of fun making this sex-fueled comedy. Would I want to watch this with my parents or my middle-school age daughter? No, I most certainly would not – but I had a blast watching it alone.


The Donor Party is a rip-roaring good time for a group of female friends or anyone who’s looking for some girl-powered laughs. Writer-director Thom Harp said he was raised by a divorced mother and her friends, and it shows. This one is definitely for the ladies.

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