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The world collectively had a crush on Ruby Rose when she arrived on the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, right? I know I immediately did. I took a vow earlier this year to watch more action genre films, especially with woman leads, so when The Doorman became available, I had to take the opportunity to see it.



The action sequences throughout are fun to watch and well-executed, otherwise the direction leaves a lot to be desired. The first 30 minutes of the narrative are completely disjointed and fail to seamlessly transition from scene to scene. The opening sequence is gripping enough to grab your attention, but completely plummets after the strong action it leads with, attempting to catch up and never quite getting there along the way.


A generic narrative does not suddenly become something other than itself just because it is lead by a woman character. This is a story we have seen and heard over and over: a former military operative returns to civilian life and is confronted with saving a family and themself from danger while dealing with flashbacks and PTSD. There is a hostage situation centered around obtaining extremely overpriced art, expected to have a value of $80 million per piece. The underdevelopment of the characters and their motives also plays to the weakness of the plot and creates a disconnect with the audience. There are also some questionable decisions about certain plot points that seem unclear even at the end of the film when almost everything has been resolved. I am still wondering if my assumptions are correct or not.


There are countless cheesy lines throughout the dialogue that are almost laughable, and I even chuckled under my breath a few times. Ruby Rose is by far the best actor in this cast, and she is hardly believable; as a badass woman who kicks ass--she absolutely shines. Otherwise, everyone else was completely predictable, forgettable, and underdeveloped in their roles.

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 Published: 10.12.20

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Erica Richards
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           MPAA: R

                 Genre: Action. Thriller.

... Only Suggest This Film On A Rainy Day

     RELEASE: 10.09.20


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The action sequences, of course, are the highlight of the film by a mile. The camerawork and editing are high-quality, but the set design, costumes, and basically everything else is just mediocre at best. There is a certain effect that is used a few times, and it makes me assume there was a pyromaniac in the crew. Again, well done but nothing to write home about here.


Suspenseful music is at its strongest when it is used strategically and purposefully. The Doorman definitely does not do that. There were certain times in the film where I completely drowned out the music because it was completely unnecessary to sound suspenseful when nothing was really happening. It lessened the meaning in those scenes. There were even moments when I was convinced the same song could have been on a loop for multiple scenes. Less is more.


There are definitely satisfying action sequences throughout the film, but otherwise it falls flat in character development and story. I would only suggest this film on a rainy day to an action-obsessed viewer who has the hots for Ruby Rose.






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