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THE DROP (2023)

Release Date: 01/13/23 [Hulu]
Genre: Comedy

Studio: Stage 6 Films / Hulu

"In this cringe comedy, a married couple face a marriage test when one of them drops a baby during a tropical island wedding." 


The Drop is a “comedy” focusing on solely bad people with a singular exception; a feature remarkably lacking in humor and a sour experience for the entire 92 minutes. After the bride's baby is accidentally dropped on the ground, guests of a destination wedding start to turn against Lex, the woman that refuses to take fault for the unfortunate incident. 


There’s numerous opportunities for humor but they never end with a solid laugh, mainly just clicking with your brain that something was proposed to be humorous, but flopped on arrival. The Drop is set amongst a paradise backdrop and the film constantly pans back to a tide coming in, representing the tensions rising throughout. There's quite a showcase of talent involved: Anna Konkle, Jillian Bell, Utkarsh Ambudkar and Jermaine Fowler - an ultimate waste for such a botched product. 


The Drop doesn’t have a dry sense of humor, it is merely lacking it. This cringe comedy plays more like a confused drama than anything else. It’s an experience that stumbles along from start to finish and as a feature produced by the Duplass Brothers, this is the second miss of recent outings for the filmmakers, because just like Spin Me Round, The Drop is tortuous to get through.

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