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FEBRUARY. 26. 2022.

BLURAY Review: 'The Dry' (2021) | CRPWrites


A murder mystery – a film genre that keeps creeping up onto my screen more often than I’m generally used to, but boy am I glad films like this are around. The Dry takes place in a small town in Australia where the land is treacherously dry and could catch fire at any given opportunity. In this small town long ago a romance entangled in a friendship led to our lead, Aaron Falk (Eric Bana) being framed for a murder that was never able to be resolved due to a lack of evidence.


Now at middle age, Falk has taken a position as a federal agent and while back in his hometown for the funeral of his childhood friend, Luke Hadler, he must take on the case (off the record) to figure out if his friend was really a murderer or if he was similarly framed for such a heinous crime. Falk is met with a mostly unwelcome response to his appearance in town and the longer he stays the more unruly the town seems to turn. As the film goes on, we discover more and more about what truly happened up to the moment that the young woman was killed back in the day that makes us question if Falk was actually involved in some way.


From the mystery behind the killing of Hadler and his family to the death of the young woman all those years ago – every mystery has a satisfying resolution even if they may not be the conclusion we expect. Eric Bana has never been an actor on my radar, truly I only really know him for his portrayal of Bruce Banner in 2003’s Hulk. Nonetheless Bana along with every other actor involved provide a fantastic performance that absorbs you into the mystery in this town and makes you refuse to let go until all the crimes are put to rest. 


The Dry looks gritty, never straying away from showing the desert scenery of the town but also surrendering to hopeful glimpses of the glistening water contained in the river that led to so much sorrow. The film is completely worth the upgrade to Blu-ray versus DVD for these visuals alone but for those that have strayed away from physical media these days The Dry is available to stream on Showtime (as of 02.18.22).


Keep in mind however that loaded on the physical copy from RLJE FILMS are a few great looks at the filmmaking behind the film such as: 


  • Homecoming (3:30)

  • Page to Screen (4:20)

  • Jane Harper’s Day on Set (2:28)

  • Two Timelines (3:26)

  • Falk and Gretchen (1:52)

  • Filming in the Immera Region (3:03)

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