The Intruder is one of those movies that I see the trailer for during almost every film since the trailer first released. It looked generic and completely forgettable like most of those kinds of films do. I am happy to say that The Intruder was exactly the kind of dumb garbage that I love to consume in movie form and contains the best Dennis Quaid performance in years.



Directed by Deon Taylor (Traffik, Meet the Blacks), The Intruder is a very formulaic home invasion tale that Taylor does little to make his own. It's Breaking In, No Good Deeds, The Purge, or any other home invasion film you've ever seen in terms of quality and direction. It goes exactly where you think it’s going to go. Luckily, the film manages to entertain by the sheer force of the insanity of its main performance.


When it gets right down to it, the plot is bare-boned and as shallow as expected. It follows Scott and Annie Howard (Michael Ealy & Meagan Good) as they move into a beautiful new house previously owned by crazy-eyed Charlie Peck (Dennis Quaid). Charlie can't quite move on from the house, so he visits the couple on various occasions to the dismay of Scott. Quickly, he goes nuts and starts to mess with the new owners… blah blah blah, I’ve seen it all before. It's generic. It goes exactly where you think, but I can't say I hated the journey getting there, mainly because of Quaid.



The movie has an extremely small cast. You have Ealy, Good, Quaid, & Joseph Sikora (who plays Ealy's best friend) and that's really all. But that's enough! Mainly because the main two characters, Scott & Annie, aren't all that likable. Annie is too gullible and sweet to find realistic, and Scott is too much of a prick to not only Charlie but to his wife as well. Luckily, we have bug-eyed Dennis Quaid as the hilariously over the top Charlie to remedy the forgettable couple. Quaid has always been a favorite of mine, and this role might be his most zany and enjoyable to watch. He's a blast! Almost worth seeing the film just because of his beautiful performance. Almost.



This film sure does like using its soundtrack, and oh boy are the song selections cheesy. Love making scene? Let's play some cheesy R&B music. Want something really tense? Here's some bombastic score that is about as generic as the rest of the film. Everything else is competent with a few moments of obvious voice over dubbing.


There are some nice beauty shots of the house and some okay cinematography in a movie devoid of a budget big enough for any sort of visual effects. It doesn't even have a big body count, so I can't even comment on any practical effects for kills. It's PG-13 so I wasn't expecting anything bloody, but you literally don't get ANYTHING!

While it's a formulaic home invasion thriller with a psychopathic villain, it's above the most recent films in this genre mainly by the sheer power of Dennis Quaid’s wonderfully entertaining performance. The rest of the film is just barely competent and downright dumb and boring. It goes through all of the motions you'd expect, just with a nice little Quaid cherry on top. Certainly not the worst time I had in a theater.






       "What the Hell is Charlie Doing Here?"

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 Written By Christopher Henderson

Published: 05.10.19

  MPAA: PG13

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Chiristopher Henderson

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Release: 05.03.19

       Genre: Drama. Horror. Thriller.

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