Oh romcoms, the one genre that can be full of pleasant surprises or just not. If there’s one thing that’ll always be fun to me, is a romcom where everything gets flipped on its head. Michael Showalter’s The Lovebirds is exactly that. It’s an in-and-out romcom with fun moments and good jokes.



The Lovebirds as with most romance movies relies so heavily on its casting and problem at hand. Both are handled wonderfully. If you know either of these actors you’ll know exactly what you’re getting, no more, no less. These are the types of things you sometimes put on in a background or on without the intention of thinking too hard, which isn’t a negative. I like these less mentally intense departures over say action movies sometimes too. Everything about this film is so well laid out that I had a good time just following along for the shenanigans.


If you go into this movie blind, you’ll be in for a very fun time. However, if you must know, a couple, Jibran (Kumail Nanjiani) and Leilani (Issa Rae) are in the midst of a break up when a hit and run takes over their day in full force. If you’ve seen Nanjiani’s movie last year: Stuber, you can pretty much tell where things go from here. It’s a large rabbit hole of just absolute nonsense and absurdity with jokes crammed in. The delivery of everything was well done and at a 90 minute runtime, the film made sure to respect your time and intentions with it. Though, I think some stuff could’ve been elaborated on just a bit more or at least self-discovered. I’m not a fan of when characters make expository speeches, I’d rather have the “A-HA” moment myself when watching things unfold. Other than that, I enjoyed this.


As mentioned most, if not all, romcoms lay all their weight on their cast, if the cast doesn’t have the chemistry, the best plot in the world couldn’t save it. Luckily, Nanjiani and Rae bounce off each other so well. The arguments slide perfectly, the jokes land, everything really hits. The movie starts off with an adorable first date between the two and lays the foundation of their feelings, which is nice to have. There are other characters that join to have their two minutes of interaction then leave, and those were great too. There was no member of the casting list that felt off or wrong.



The soundtrack fell in line with the movie. There wasn’t anything standout, but that’s a positive at times, this being one. In certain movies like this, if I had anything stand out then that sort of goes against the grain of what it tried to be, which wasn’t more than a fun time. Though, the one bit with Katy Perry’s “Firework” is fantastic.


In terms of effects, there’s not much to go off of here. The movie is straightforward. The costume designs were spot on though. We have moments where ridiculous stuff is going on and particularly a very creepy shot that was almost straight out of a horror movie later on. I loved the variety of different settings that they played with. Bars, parties, frats, lots of things to keep the movie moving and fresh.

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 Published: 06.08.20

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Adrian Jimenez

Edited By McKayla Hockett

      RELEASE: 05.22.20

             MPAA: R

                  Genre: Comedy. Crime. Action. 

                                                                                                                                                                                            "...It fulfilled just about everything you could want it to..."  

You get what you came for. I wasn’t expecting something thought-provoking, I wasn’t exacting something deep. I was expecting a fun romcom to get away from the madness of real life for a moment, and that’s what this movie gave me. It fulfilled just about everything you could want it to. Nanjiani and Rae made me laugh and the story was just the right amount of whirlwind nonsense I could ask for.

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