Graphic Novel Review




TUESDAY (2021) 

Monday is a 2018 action thriller, brilliantly directed by Alejandro Montoya Marin for a few thousand dollars to then air on Robert Rodriquez’s El Rey Network. The film was fun, fast paced and filled with action. Now almost two years later, we have officially moved one day into the future with Tuesday – a first time graphic novel for Marin but a well executed sequel in a surprisingly effective new format.  


With a unique art style that keeps the Monday aesthetic, the graphic novel is a pleasant read. However there is a caviot to this - occasionally flipping through the pages the characters begin to blend, now separated with different cosmetic differences, there are still instances where the read comes to a halt and I have to contemplate who is doing what exactly in a panel. While their appearance may be quite different than the film, their dialogue and actions remain just as charming, relatable and downright outrageous. 


The writing is strong and clearly taken directly from Marin’s script for the sequel feature. While not as eventful as an live action sequel would have been, the concept is still very much present and the blanks left from panel to panel can easily be filled in by fans of the original. 


While not necessary to see the first film to understand entirely what is happening in the sequel graphic novel, it is highly recommended to do so. Filled with a clever soundtrack (via Spotify), fans of Monday and newcomers will be pleased with the final product they receive. 


When it comes down to it, Tuesday is a droll, action packed escape into a sequel we never knew we needed.

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