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ABIGAIL (2024)

Release Date: 04/19/24 [Cinemas]
Genre: Horror. Thriller.

Studio: Universal Pictures. 

"In 1963 Michigan, business rivals Kellogg's and Post compete to create a cake that could change breakfast forever." 


Directed by Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, also known as Radio Silence, Abigail continues their knack for refreshing familiar horror tropes. Their newest film mixes gothic vibes with an intense thriller plot, set against the backdrop of a high-stakes kidnapping in an isolated mansion. Despite some inventive visuals and a quick pace, Abigail doesn’t venture far from the shadows of their previous hit, Ready or Not.


The storyline centers on a group of would-be criminals who find themselves in a deadly game of survival with their supposed victim. Although the twist that their young captive harbors dark, monstrous secrets adds a layer of suspense, it’s a setup somewhat reminiscent of earlier horror films. The vampire's design, meant to be chilling, is somewhat underwhelming and fails to deliver a new iconic horror visage. Moreover, the film's use of blood effects, while abundant, tends toward the cartoonish, which lessens their impact in some of the more critical scenes.


Alisha Weir, who plays Abigail, delivers a standout performance that brings a nuanced mix of innocence and malevolence to her character. This, along with the energetic performances from Dan Stevens and Melissa Barrera, who expertly blend horror with humor, significantly enhances the film's appeal. Their interactions add a lively, enjoyable dynamic to the eerie plot.


Abigail provides an engaging experience that keeps viewers entertained and on edge. It’s a solid choice for fans of Radio Silence’s previous works and those who enjoy a blend of levity and suspense in their horror. While the film offers a fun viewing experience, those in search of a groundbreaking vampire film may find it lacking in novelty and depth.


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