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Season Twelve. [Premiere]

Aired On: Apple TV+

Release Date: 09/20/23 
Drama. Horror. SciFi. 

"The show details the pregnancy of actress Anna Alcott (Emma Roberts), as she grows more paranoid that someone is going to great lengths to stop her from getting pregnant."


The 12th season of American Horror Story, called Delicate, is loosely based on Danielle Valentine’s book, "Delicate Condition." If this season’s opening credits sequence is any indication, we’re in for a horrifically good time.

AHS: Delicate began with a premiere episode entitled “Multiply Thy Pain.” The episode introduces us to Anna (Emma Roberts), a struggling actress who is desperate to have a baby. Anna has suffered several miscarriages and she is starting to lose hope.

While the Anna character and her husband (newcomer to the show Matt Czuchry) may get a bit tedious, there are plenty of creepy goings-on and ghoulish other characters to keep viewers interested. 

This AHS season is a symphony of spiders, infertility and body horror helmed by a shockingly entertaining performance from none other than Kim Kardashian. 

I honestly didn’t know Ms. K could act – and perhaps she’s not really acting, but merely playing an extension of herself? Still, she’s compelling on-screen as the heroine’s publicist and best friend. She’s overly made-up, fabulously costumed and undeniably fun to watch as she delivers some of this season’s most memorable lines. 

The infertility storyline this season naturally – and unnaturally - lends itself to the terrors inherent in women’s healthcare in general, what with the gaslighting by doctors, stirrup tables and invasive medical procedures. 

As a longtime AHS fan, I was bummed to not see some of my favorite recurring performers this season (I’m looking at you, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe and Sarah Paulsen). Still, Denis O’Hare is devilish as the eerie infertility doc and anytime he’s in the cast I’m watching. 

Overall, the first episode of American Horror Story: Delicate is a strong start to the new season. The episode is well-paced and suspenseful, and it does a good job of introducing the characters and building a sense of unease and dread. The acting is excellent across the board, as we’ve come to expect from this show.

I recommend AHS: Delicate for fans of American Horror Story, psychological horror and suspenseful dramas – but possibly not for anyone experiencing infertility, new mothers or those with weak stomachs.

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