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Genre: Horror.

Director: Kyle Mangione-Smith.

Actors: Julien Crane. Kemal Babaei.

Seen at the Nightmares Film Festival


"A nihilistic young man develops an obsession with snuff films on the internet. With few prospects in his increasingly bleak life, his obsession begins to take on a new dimension: a desire to star in his own."


Annihilator is a shocking short that is directed with a wonderful style - divulging into a fantastical error in judgment from our lead. Showcasing the lead’s mental instability as in the opening he is seen gleefully texting about setting his house ablaze. 


There is an awful fact that there are people out there that garner enjoyment from participating and watching sadistic brutality. Our lead is in love with one of these “content” creators and is planning to meet up with them for some “fun”. Annihilator is staggering from beginning to end and its finale will easily achieve a few looks of disbelief, disgust and maybe a few awkward spats of laughter. It’s a precise exploration of a situation of this nature and Kyle Mangione-Smith delivers what I believe is exactly the horrific “underground” reality he was hoping to depict. 

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