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AUDREY (2024)

Release Date: ../../.. [TBA]
Genre: Comedy.

Studio: TBA

[Seen at SXSW Film Festival 2024]

"Self-appointed Mother of the Year, Ronnie has given her daughter Audrey everything, so when Audrey selfishly falls into a coma, Ronnie has no choice but to keep their dreams alive by assuming her identity." 


Embarking on an audacious journey, Audrey deftly blends dark comedy with poignant emotional depths. Directed by Natalie Bailey, this cinematic exploration delves into the chaotic life of the Lipsick family, crafting a narrative that's both refreshingly innovative and deeply human.


Character development shines brightly in Audrey, presenting a family as dysfunctional as they are endearing. At the helm, Jackie Van Beek's formidable portrayal of Ronnie leads the Lipsick family on a path of self-discovery, sparked by an extraordinary crisis. Their transformation, imbued with both humor and insight, illustrates the film's adeptness at intertwining levity with a meaningful examination of family dynamics. Standout performances across the board bring nuanced depth to their roles. The combination of sharp jokes and a plot that boldly eschews clichés not only captivates but also entertains, firmly rooting the narrative in the authenticity of its flawed, yet profoundly human characters.


Moreover, Audrey injects a novel perspective into well-trodden tropes, urging audiences to find both empathy and humor amidst adversity. Far from merely seeking to entertain, the film strives to resonate on a deeply personal level, securing its place as a noteworthy contribution to the genre.


Audrey boldly mixes the ludicrous with the meaningful, crafting a story that engages as much as it entertains. Its true achievement lies in its nuanced portrayal of life's complexities, presented in a manner that’s as sharp and biting as the comedy itself—ensuring Audrey will win you over with its clever charm and unexpected depth.

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